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  THE_A_TEEN  |  27

If you're from 2154, then you are obviously a time traveler since you're in 2011. Go back a few months earlier and you'll see the legends known as DocBastard, KaySL, and others I can't name.

GO NOW!!!!!!

  MaaaanWTF  |  1

I must agree with 12. This is an amazing first comment. I really hope this FML was submitted because he had to drive an extra 6 hours for his forgetfulness. Not because he decided to go on without the gifts and engagement ring!

  Marcella1016  |  31

I would hope he would've turned around. I sure would've.

An extra 6 hours of driving on top of whatever the rest of the distance is really does suck though.

FYL, OP. But it'll be worth it when she says yes :)

  Gringe  |  1

It says 3 hours away from home (his destination) suggesting the trip was much longer and 3 hours could be considered the last leg of the journey. Im sorry i tarnished ur hopes of a good first comment...

By  TorturedXeno  |  27

It's a sign from a proverbial God.

  MrsPegg  |  45

So Slippers, you're saying that you've not ONCE left home and only after you're far away or at the place you're going to, realize you've left something? Even me, being the fact that I'm human and make mistakes, have left something of importance behind by being in a rush to get somewhere.

  rulezdunmatter  |  12

Not necessarily, OP said he left home for the Christmas holidays, he might be overseas or have another reason which does not allow him to return home that easily.

P.S there*

  ceilingfans  |  1

Considering I married a phone (it was an iPhone 3GS, and we got engaged right before the 4g came out grrrr) it is kinda the same. Except in my situation my wife dies and I get remarried to Siri.

By  elbia21  |  5

Get her a ring pop for the time being. Its a huge diamond plus you can get it in her favorite color. . . wait thats what I want

Sorry op, but if u truly love her, go back and get it, you've got 3 days

  elbia21  |  5

Well good, who doesn't want to eat a sweet, candy diamond? By the time she eats it, she'll have her real engagement ring :) it's all good

By  idontknowyou123  |  0

I know that feel bro... Went up to Auckland last week (3 hour drive) to visit my (now ex) girlfriend... Arrived late cause forgot engagement ring, caught her fucking my cousin...
tl;dr Hurry your ass up before your cousin fucks your girl!