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Today, I had to go to the hospital to get blood taken. The nurse mentioned how pronounced and easy to see my veins are. I guess that explains why she missed five times in a row. I'm surprised my arm doesn't look like a heroin addict's right now. FML
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I'm needle phobic. If they don't hit the vein on the first try I demand a different nurse.

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Maybe she needlealittle practice.


I'm needle phobic. If they don't hit the vein on the first try I demand a different nurse.

My blood type is I-B-+, as in I be positive they ain't touching me with no needles

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Bruce Almighty reference, #8.. ok then

as someone who draws blood on a daily basis, I have a 2 stick rule. if I don't get it either time, I send them somewhere else. that's b.s. they stuck you 5 times.

Where I live they only have two chances and if they mess up another nurse has to take over!

Isn't there a 3x rule? After 3rd try they have to hand off?

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#41, that's what I thought, too. My friend had blood drawn and the nurse tried and actually went through her vein. After three times, she said she had to take my friend to a blood doctor to do it. 5 times is complete crap, they should've referred you elsewhere after the third.

Just because they're easy to see doesn't mean they're easy to hit. Some of those very pronounced veins roll away from the needle as soon as it is inserted into the skin. I almost always have to be stuck more than once. Nurses are not phlebotomists. Many of them go by sight when sticking someone, meaning if they can't see it, they can't hit it. I have a one stick rule as a nurse. If you've already been stuck several times before they come to get me, they've probably ruined anything that might have been worth hitting. As a patient, I'll give a nurse 3 shots before I tell them to give me the needle and do it myself. Sorry that your experience was a bad one, OP. As a patient, you need to remember that you can tell them to stop at any time. You can refuse any treatment.

When I was in hospital I was poked 23 times. Yes, 23 times. I was dehydrated and my veins would roll or disappear. I looked like I was a junkie. My mom would come and ask how her little junkie was lol. I was recently in hospital again and they poked me twice and went to a store. Someone legit asked me if I sold. It's crazy. Sucks if you bruise easily like I do.

aw that sucks, when I went to the hospital the first time they hit my vein but blew it so they tried a second time, they then returned a third time to stab me because the second time my blood had clotted and was no good and I was stabbed 4 times in all for the iv.

When I was smaller they had to get multiple nurses plus my mom to hold me down for vaccinations... Now they usually get the best nurse in there and do it pretty quickly when they see me acting like a 4 year old.. I know I shouldn't fight them but just the thought of needles literally makes me start to hyperventilate. When I was 11 and had a diabetes scare due to faulty testing equipment I told my mom I'd rather take my chances with the disease than the needles... I fully meant it too.

As a person whose greatest fear is needles, I can truly sympathize for you. I hope it didn't hurt too bad and if you're lucky you may just get a different nurse next time. Hope it's all ok though, OP.

I hate drawing blood. My veins are deep and my arms are big. In 25 years, I have never successfully had blood drawn from my arm. My hands always end up being the default site.

I feel ya, man. I had blood drawn yesterday, and after trying my right arm, they had to switch to my left arm for any hope of finding a vein and getting blood. I closed my eyes for the whole ordeal, but it didn't help when I fainted; the color drained from my face, I went into a cold sweat, and I had to lie down while I let the blood rush back to my head. Getting blood drawn is a frustrating ordeal.

I've had the exact same thing happen to me.

I can't stand the sight of needles. I freak out every time I see one and then they have a hard time getting the blood because I'm so tense. I'm so sorry OP I know how it feels..

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Maybe she needlealittle practice.

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Can someone tell me how to reply to a comment here on FML please.

Well you look at the comment, scan your eyes to the right and there is a thumbs up and a thumbs down, under that there is a reply button, that says reply.

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She obviously doesn't have that great of experience at sticking people

No matter how much experience you have, sometimes you have a day where you couldn't hit the vein if it was sitting on top of the skin. The trick is to recognize when it isn't going to work and hand off to someone else.

My arm is the same way! Fantastic veins but the second a nurse tries to stick it, they disappear. Next time have the anesthesiologist do it because when the nurse missed 6 times in a row on me, he got it on the first try

Large, easy to see veins don't always equal success. Sometimes the ones that really stick up are tough and sclerosed. Although, as one who usually hit it on the first try, if I had trouble I stopped after two and turned it over to someone else. Why screw up a site someone else might hit without difficulty?

I'd hate to be the person she took blood from who's veins aren't "pronounced and easy to see".