By Thomas P. - 27/08/2016 16:49

Today, I parked in my "employee of the month" parking spot by the front of the store and started my shift. About halfway through my shift, a customer backed into my vehicle, got out and checked, then drove off before I could come outside. Perks of being the best employee I can be. FML
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hopefully they got the other driver on security camera

ShortieRose 30


ShortieRose 30

hopefully they got the other driver on security camera

One_In_Three 24

At least they didn't vandalise your car?

dillpick88 17

A hit and run is worse for insurance.

awildwhisper 30

I guess no good deed goes unpunished.

People won't appreciate this reference to the extent it deserves.

Hopefully you had enough info to give the police. Hopefully the dirt bag gets caught and doesn't cost you to much.

Probably the first time that the title "employee of the month" got anyone banged... Shame about the incident though OP

CCTV cameras are a beautiful thing. Hopefully they caught the drivers plate

If they are on, if they are recording and if their quality is good enough to actually read the plate. A lot of if's there...

No damage worth reporting...the bumper is no big deal...

Really? You must have an old bumper then. Because newer bumpers, especially those that are spray-painted in the vehicle color still cost quite a bit. Even *if* (big if there) you can fix it, respraying will still cost you.

this sounds like an episode of The Office