By Anonymous - 27/07/2014 18:44 - Germany - Oberursel

Today, I woke up to a huge, disgusting bug next to my bed. As I tried to squish it, it suddenly flew off at high speed. Now I'm lying in bed, awake and terrified because I can hear it buzzing around but can't see it anywhere. FML
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FYL. It could be anywhere and everywhere all at once..

Kill it with fire!!!


FYL. It could be anywhere and everywhere all at once..

Put a cup with something sweet/sugary in your room, coop the cup, and inevitably the fly would go in. Just cover it quickly!

WinterBlue42 22

I don't think the OP mentioned it being a fly. . What if it is some sort of large beetle. .? FYL. Burn your room. Didn't need a room anyway.

No room? No problem.

Way to make them feel better

Rooms are too mainstream anyways

I had that happen too. It was a fly and it got stuck in my ear.. Talk about terrifying..

Wrap yourself in a blanket and run out of the room while yelling a warrior cry. Blankets can withstand anything and cannot be infiltrated.

Kill it with fire!!!

Last person who said that burned their house down


At least someone agrees with me.

OP needs to find it first!

Maybe turn on your lights?

I suggest turning off all the lights except for in one room. Most flying bugs are attracted to light, so you'll be more likely to find it buzzing around that one.

Yeah but with a light on you can see where the bug is so you can kill it with fire

Turn on the lights and look for it!? Sounds too difficult, better just post it on FML...

oKap1 15

Open the windows and hope that it flies out.

Not the best idea. Open windows allow for reinforcements to arrive.

Hopefully it won't crash if your windows are from '97

That's how you get invaded by nature.

Mads_1234 28

Don't be such a buzzkill, OP. Let it live!

An original pun, no less!

but OP's got a bee in his bonnet now!

He must've really bugged you.

You sir need to get #6 to teach you something about puns.....

CockAsian 14


Sounds like you just saw a rabid man-eating animal, not a bug.

That's bugs me out too

Well, time to move.