By Chris75 - 01/09/2011 09:55 - United States

Today, my whole family piled into our station wagon just to watch my mom take part in an arm wrestling contest. FML
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yeah, woman with strong arms are good for many things. ;)

...You might be a redneck if.. (insert current FML)

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#24: You might be a redneck if..your whole entire family piles into a Station wagon to drive your mom so she can take part of an arm wrestling contest.

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Have you ever been so redneck...

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Man, you must have been a second off... 1 second, -10 thumbs.

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And as my friend Jeff foxworthy says, Then you may be a redneck.

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A very rare species, but the most dangerous.

Agh Oregon. My batshit southern neighbors...

"Y'all get on up in the car! Momma's gonna win us some big money tonight up at the VFW!"

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So? Why is your life so screwed up by that ~_~

Does she compete in the men's or women's catagory. I feel bad for your dad, he must be scared shitless of her.

I use to arm wrestle my dad and my brother all the time and I'd win! I even beat my brothers friends at arm wrestling

Um, awesome? Atleast the lady retained parts of her personality after having children.

I really don't see what's bad with this... this is not even a "parents are embarrassing" kind of moment. No, grow the **** up and let your mom enjoy her hobby.

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I hope your Mom is Slyvester Stallone... and that she went over the top.

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the remaining question is: how big is your family?