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Today, I went to the public library for the first time ever. The librarian told me I couldn't get a library card because I had an outstanding balance of $130.00 from 1995. I was born in 1991. FML
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Did you forget to return "Everybody Poops?"

Kudos to you, I couldn't even shit properly at that age and you were a hardcore book nerd!


Did you forget to return "Everybody Poops?"

Came here for this, was not disappointed.

No, he's Catholic, so it was "You're a naughty child and that's concentrated evil coming out the back of you"

It might even have been A House At Pooh Corner.

Why is #45 getting downvoted? Does nobody get the Family Guy reference?

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Reminds me of the Seinfield episode where Jerry forgets to return the book and the librarian cop tracks him down...

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You just won the internet with that. Too funny!

now, i wonder if the librarian and the ones before them all talked about you, wondering when you would bring back "Everybody Poops" Im sure the library collection has been suffering all these years

#54 - Exactly what I was thinking lol. Lt. Bookman: "You'd better not screw up again, Seinfeld. Because if you do, I'll be all over you like a pitbull on a poodle!"

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And this my friend is why we should have a spot for our favorite comments. :)

Kudos to you, I couldn't even shit properly at that age and you were a hardcore book nerd!

I don't know, I imagine a hardcore nerd would have returned it. OP is lowcore at best.

I'm positive the antonym is soft core

Maybe your mom took out a nursery rhyme book for you and forgot about it.

Only one? No, it sounds like someone set this up knowing damn well they wouldn't return the books. If I were OP, I'd ask my parents if they know anything about it, seeing as they were only 3 or 4.

The same thing happened to me! My mom took our a book for me when I was younger & never returned it. So they won't let me take out any books

Same thing happened to me, if you're in school try getting a void from them saying you need to research using the library

It's happened to me, too. My mother checked out a book for me when I was 3 or 4, and I don't even remember reading it. Because of that, I can't check out books at that particular library anymore.

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#58 You weren't able to check out at only that particular library? I don't know how things work where you live but where I live all the libraries have the same system so you could have 1 library card for every library.

Doesn't make sense. At least where I live, if you're a kid your library card is tied to a parent's or other adult's. Any charges "your" card incurs, they are responsible for. Once you're old enough you get it switched and you're responsible.

How did all of these 3 and 4 year olds get a library card? My library has an age limit for people getting library cards. I checked books out for my kids, but I had to do it on my card.

When I was a kid, library charges were limited to like $5 or something, so when I lost a book and forgot for a year, I only had to pay $5.

At my local library, the fine caps out at the cost to replace, so you either return and pay the fine, or keep the book and buy the library a new one

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4 Year olds in this generation spend $130 on phones and still complain.

No, their parents do. On iPads are big for little kids now. I know more then a few cousins/Friends siblings who are ~2yrs/~4yrs and have iPads. The kids certainly not buying these things. What 4yr old has that kind of money? Hell I was still in diapers at 4.

I get that you were trying to be funny, but don't see how this relates to the FML. And frankly, I'm getting sick of these jokes.

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Pardon me if I don't know how this works, but perhaps someone who has the same name as you is the one who owes the library? Curious to know what happened next though, OP!

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I pretty sure no one is on the same page as you.

I'm not a big tv watcher, but that commercial I will watch. it's so stupid it's funny.

Never mind the same page doc, I don't think anyone even has the same book as #6.

library women are the worst. I don't like' em

Have you ever been to a library? Librarians are amazing

They probably feel the same about you.

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More bureaucratic nonsense and hi-jinks! Apparently the other FMLers mother is supposedly dead so try getting a card with her identity.

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I'm sure they have his info...libraries never forget the books they are missing.

I'm really curious to find out how this happened, hoping for a follow up!

What's not to get? he picked out a book when he was 4, and his parents forgot to return it. generally libraries charge an overdue fee of 10cents a day or so, and so added up over time he now owes 130dollars

Which is just stupid as hell, expecting someone to pay $130 for an unreturned book. My library maxes out the fine at the cost to replace the book. That's as high as it can go. If my library expected me to pay $130 for an unreturned book from 1995, a book I could probably go buy new for $5-$10 these days, I'd tell them to go **** themselves.

I would wager that they did waive the fee. this happened to me with a book from when I was 8.