By christian9294 - 08/02/2010 20:21 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me, saying I was immature for making gay jokes all the time. A few hours later, I got six texts and three calls from guys I didn't know. It turns out, she put my name and number on Craigslist as a gay man seeking a relationship. FML
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The only people who still make fun of gays are the ones trying to cover up there own homosexuality.


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Thats what you get for being immature ya ******. Grow up and act your age for five minutes and maybe then you can keep a girl around you for a day.

you can report that **** to the police, you know

wow, she got u good, lmao!!! thats wat u get for making gay jokes dumbass

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Look, man, you had it coming. Don't be stupid in front of your girlfriend. I wouldn't be, if I had one.

agreed, acting like fag around your gf probably wasn't your best gameplan

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You are all idiots, you should be who you are! That is why divorces happen, people put on a show for their gf, get married, then show their true colors. Better to break up then to divorce later.

it's ok bro make fun of as many gays as you want but you do know that the people who are most against gays are always gay it seems

wow seriously she must be lesbian cuz she was offended by it so calm down

@#94. point is, you don't actually have a girlfriend :D

Jokes are cool, but you were obviously doing it too often if someone had to break up with you over it.

yup! 55 your right! you can **** yourself for making gay jokes!! YDI!!!

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#1, your ex is epic, and #2, you totally deserved it. Homosexuality isn't funny. Gays are regular human beings. Grow up.

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The only people who still make fun of gays are the ones trying to cover up there own homosexuality.

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not counting half the ******* internet. besides, the point is that she's a ******* hypocrite

Umm... Wrong! EVERYBODY still makes fun of them cuz it's hilarious!. What do you call a gay bar with no bar stools?... Fruitstand!!!

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hahaha that was good #58 lmao!

this is one of those rare fmls that I don't get why people say they deserved it, I mean, yes he shouldn't have been making gay jokes (as mocking them) but everyone makes gay jokes and enjoys them, even gays. my friend is bipolar and whenever people she knows makes fun of bipolar people she just laughs with them cause she knows either it's true or she's not one of those crazy physco bipolar peoplez.

not rele. y would gay people make fun of them to cover up their own sexuality. ur gay for saying that

Having Bipolar Disorder has absolutely NOTHING to do with being gay. That was the most ignorant comment I have ever heard in my life. To be honest, I wish that it had something to do with being gay that way all of the homosexuals could be locked up in a psychiatric hospital. Then we wouldn't have to watch ourselves (cover our buttholes without anyone noticing) when around them.

#168-im bisexual! everyone i know knows that. i dont randomly go up to someone and shove something up their but holes!

Not long ago homosexuality was considered a mental illness.. I thought she made a pretty good point, just like some black people find black jokes funny.

Whether you deserved it or not entirely depends on what kind of gay jokes you were making.

And the frequency of the jokes. If you're trying to put bad jokes into every conversation you have, then it can get incredibly annoying.. I know