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Today, my girlfriend dumped me for another guy by text. I felt so betrayed, I stupidly tried to hurt her by replying that I'd been cheating on her all along with a hot babe. Turned out the dumping text was actually a prank by her friend. Now I'm single and everyone thinks I'm a cheater. FML
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I wouldn't have thought that's the sort of reputation you'd want to give yourself even if your now-ex-girlfriend really did break up with you...


incoherentrmblr 21

You're probably better off. Her friend seems like the type of friend that would rather keep her single than with anyone for some time...

While it was immature, it is understandable. OP was emotional, struck out, and regretted it. Happens to everybody. Hopefully the gf will forgive you OP.

While it may be understandable, I don't think that it was a good idea to try to further escalate the situation, #17. :)

salvorican 24

It was immature on both their parts.

I can understand being hurt, but I don't see why "I cheated" was the go to. It MIGHT hurt them, yes, but you really think that will be kept to themselves? Sorry YDI. The friend was terrible as well, but op still did something stupid.

but how does one break up with you for another person? You had to of been cheating yourself even if you felt like you weren't.

Sathane 21

I hope you're meaning the girlfriend for playing a retarded prank like that in the first place.

In what way is lashing out in pain not understandable?

The girlfriend didn't play the prank according to the FML, her friend did. And it can mean cheating, but if someone admits interest in you and you break up with your partner to date them, you're actually avoiding cheating.

When said lashing out will escalate the situation beyond repair. A few moments of contemplation could have left things amicable (even if she was actually breaking up with him) and saved him years of trying to recover his reputation.

Immature? Getting burned hurts, especially when your girl leaves you for another man. I'd blame the person who first sent that text.

How is it not understandable? There's no reason to "joke" about that. How is he to know it was just a prank?

It's immature, it shows you can't handle emotions like an adult. Lashing out at someone for breaking up with you aiming to hurt them isn't how you handle the hurt feelings. I can understand getting angry if the breakup was done with no regards to your feelings, but claiming to have cheated? Really?


If her friend sent the text but she didn't respond to say sorry Becky sent that we aren't really over. She was playing along too. I don't really understand why everyone is attacking him for saying he cheated. #1 it was a lie to his ex. #2 She's a bitch for treating him that way and making him think out of the blue that his relationship is over. we also have no idea how long they've been together and yes that does matter. if my bf of a month-8months did what she did I'd be like "okay? bye" but my current bf and I have been going on 3 years have spoken of marriage and kids and all that. so if he did it I'd blow his phone up. all I have to mention is 1 guys name in particular and I'd ruin him. I have never cheated on anybody but that doesn't mean I wouldn't force pain on my bf for being an asshole to me. so I understand if that is the case for OP. no cheating is not okay but he didn't actually cheat. Is it immature? yup on both of their parts though. everyone seems to be forgetting the girl had a part.

Oyas12 14

let me teach you about the "amygdala" when a deep emotion occurs, it activates and makes your brain and body act differently, something known as the "limbic system". this hit OP hard, so his. brain decided to act dumb for a second. so, FML, op.

Daelynn_17 19

#118 you won the comments award. You were right. The girlfriend had Big part to play. Why did she let her friend do that in the first place and why didn't she follow up with sobering like, "that was so in so, they were kidding, sorry for that... babe were good." In my opinion she may have caused the whole thing.

dman798 18
Dalboz 26

"jump to conclusions" she dumped him was he supposed to know it was a prank?

I think that maybe #3 was referring to conclusions, as in texting that he was cheating.

24, do you know what "jump to conclusions" mean..?

He came to the conclusion that he would text back, saying that he was cheating, 75...

I wouldn't say op jumped to conclusions but I do think it would've been wise to try and call the girlfriend or talk to her in person before he started freaking out on her. Anyone could've had her phone and stupid friends tend to pull pranks like that unfortunately. Plus, she could've done it just to see what his reaction would be (we all know those kinds of girls). If it were me I would've tried to get in contact with the person first before saying something that would irreparably damage things.

I wouldn't have thought that's the sort of reputation you'd want to give yourself even if your now-ex-girlfriend really did break up with you...

I agree 4, and OP, try to convince her you didn't really cheat and that you just felt betrayed and made a stupid mistake. You didn't really cheat.

Right? If it were true, the ex would have the reputation of being a cheating ****. But now it's OP. Revenge isn't always sweet. Getting back at someone doesn't make you a better person.

I agree. How does this even qualify as a "prank." It's simply hurtful to everyone.

Pranks are not hurtful. If a prank hurts you then it wasn't a prank, the person is just an asshole.

Nah mate. Pranks can be funny without people getting hurt.

A prank is only really a prank if everybody gets a good laugh out of it afterwards.

You couldn't convince her that your text was just a prank as well?

Or, or , or... Just tell we the truth.

#57, that idea is so crazy, it just might work

Ouch. Sorry OP, that sucks you were hurt by their prank but it's a good example of why you should take the high road. Hope you can learn a little from this and move on!

Ya that was just dumb by you... Sorry op

Remembered 14

Why the ****, man? Even if she did ditch you for another guy, she'd not even be worth the time for a remark like that. It's not something to be proud of anyway.

expertsmilee 26

I'm PRETTY sure that he didn't claim it out of pride, but rather quickly deduced what might hurt her on an equivalent scale...just a thought though.

aeryn97 17

if you have another lined up, why would you care if the ex was a cheater? kind of like so long and good riddance.

97, because cheaters usually have no issue dishing it out and doing it to others but can't handle the thought of someone doing it to them!

Why? Isn't it common sense to break up with the person you no longer love?