By dmachin - 08/02/2010 19:30 - France

Today, I visited my grandmother who has dementia. She thought I was my father, and told me that I should never have married my mother, let alone have had children with her. FML
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pongmaster 0

oh man that really sucks OP I would feel like mustard water

Ajjas013 6

Mustard water? Is that some kind of weird sexual thing?


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Awww that sucks

it mom sucks my dick

thats really not that bad

since she thought ur ur dad then do something mean n watch him get blamed, for having a bad mother

AngryNinja 1

it is kinda bad because op wouldn't be around if his dad hadn't knocked up his mother. savvy?

WhatANoob 0

since first comment was removed that makes me first :D But I don't care case being first is like being the kid who buys mcdonald before school then eats it in the restroom without anyone knowing

spongegrub 2

crap that sucks

sorry number ten, but if I were you i wouldn't talk. my grandfather has dementia and any conversation can be really emotional

that's so say and so sucks at the same time

that is messed up! if my grandmother ever said that to me..whoa. :'(

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you know OP, your grandma has DEMENTIA. That means that she can't be held responsible for what she says (although. that still sucks that she said that).

he's 60th and 1st. don't be silly

Danielt104 6

That's when you tell your grandma she's a failure and leave

How the hell are u "first" 60

top I'm at the top

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this is stupiiiid !

wow that sucks dude, sorry

pongmaster 0

oh man that really sucks OP I would feel like mustard water

Ajjas013 6

Mustard water? Is that some kind of weird sexual thing?

mustard water? wait.... what??

Ajjas013 6

Yeah, it's some weird sexual thing.

AngryNinja 1

mustard water like.. diarrhea?

Ajjas013 6

No, mustard water like... Some weird sexual thing.

AngryNinja 1

I dunno. mustard water is runny and yellow.. like when you piss shit.

Look it up at Urban Dictionary.

AngryNinja 1

ahh, Ajjas was correct. my bad. however I do believe I just gagged. ew.

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Lmao @ "no,mustard water like...some weird sexual thing".

Ajjas013 6

I was meaning to check Urban Dictionary on that one...

ravensunnyd 0

aw that's mean even if she has deminsia

My grandmother has dementia. She thought my dad was my long-dead (like 40 years dead) grandfather for a while, and now I don't een think she is capable of thought. Not saying that to be mean, she just kindof sits there in a semi-conscious state.

what the hell number nine, do you even know what dementia is!? people who have it have almost no controll over what they say or do.

Actually they do have control of what they say or do - if they can say or do things. People with dementia are quite honest, brutally honest.

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who said they deserved it u asshole

That sucks, but at least your parents ate together and they did have you.