By CheatedOn - 14/02/2010 15:19 - Romania

Today, my girlfriend and I broke up. The reason? She slept with four men while I was two weeks away visiting my brother. She told me it was because she missed me so much. FML
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She missed you oh so dearly that she shagged other men. Such a loyal girlfriend, almost brings a tear to my eye. Almost.

Skank Alert! Move on but remember, you can always go back and hit that easy piece again. I doubt her knees have been together for awhile.


troll. wow shes a slut.

hahaha what a whore

two weeks? i agree.

she slept with me.

rnt u happy u broke up wit that hoe

omg u was goin to type the exact same comment it's like we are twins by brain lol

ur soo hott I love u

haha no problem

ohh I thought u were joking rofl

haha well if that's rlly u. how can I be lol

haha np again

I feel luved? lmao

lol depends r u sum 70yr old man :P

ya def. haha. I'm 70 yes old and I go on fml to hit on girls haha

then I totaly feel luved rofl

Hahaha i feel the love too

lol oohh cuz it vday!!:)

yeah. except it sux vise I don't have a gf hahah u ?

lol I'm straight buh nope

haha just making sure ur streight lol. not rlly I wouldn't care I think ?

lol nah straight I don't turn myself on rofl

haha well same here haha

lmao he wants sum vday luf!

fine 106 ill be your valentine sorry imrawrtastic :(. hahah

lol that was a total <3

I'm sorry I can't five everyone love hahaha. if 106 doesntt say yes. I guess I'm stuck with u

lol stuck?:( rofl to think u were straight!:P

hahahaha. I'm jk. ur def my valentine aha sry 106. btr luck nxt time

and no way is that u In ur pic if so holy fucking god ur hott lol

lmao I feel luved again X)

yea it's me lol

what! that's u and ur single? Jesus I'm suprised ur not bi haha all the girls will be on u too haha

lol girls on girls is a bit uhmm.. plus I play hard to get ;) lmao jk

haha I noticed. ;). lol

lmao i'm so sleeppy

same. where u from ?

america an if u mean which state Virginia. :P hbu?

I'm from ny. but fir break I'm in telluride Colorado. I know it's like the worst thing fir a girl to be asked but since u look pretty young how old are u.

lmao well that's not very safe tellin u my age lmao I'm 16 and u?

haha. well I'm a 70 yrold man like u said b4 haha. nah I'm 15

Wow happy valentines day

lol 70sounded much sexier :) but yea my bday was yesterday!X)

haha happy b-day. a day b4 valentines day! thts sick.

haha this sounds rlly weird so u can say no if u don't feel comfertable bit u gotta facebook?

I'm wiped. I'll talk to u tmrw byeee

way to fill the FML with your lame conversation......

ha maybe she's just jealous cuz she couldn't come up with a page long conversation haha and you managed too ;)

holy shit stfu u dumb motherfucking ugly virgin loser

and babybubz. what's wrong w/ ur face

haha welllllllll

not u lmao rob3 perosnn

not u lol robe person

haha no I thought u ment me lol. yeah WTF is wring with rob perosn fml is def his life he gets mad because he wants to read the comments to the accuall fml. but he's a dick so whatever haha

lol he probaly jelouse he didn't get to hve a long convo wit u!lol

haha I feel loved again aain what about u I mean almostskater kid gave u some mad props.

lmao well babybuz seems pretty intresting makin me jelouse lmao jk

hahaha ya well she should b jealous wen u look like tht

to Imrawrtastic. and # 164 back off she's mine hahahah jk

my bad haha 162

o wait ur a girl? wiait wat lol

lol I'm urs! rofllmao

lol 162 ur smexyful too!:P

r u being sarcastic? haha

haha in a non homo way she is

I am so lost hahaha ily tho so it's k

well she did talk about you a lot...

what do u mean

ily2?rofl yea wat do u meann

haha I was jk bout the ily thing. but yeah u can't just keep us haning

I wasn't jking!:( lol playin.. and haning?

ha wow this convo is getting even longer and longer (that's what she said) haha keep it up :)

lol I'm having fun out of this ;) too awesome

lol since no one is here to talk to you guess I should say hi haha so hi! :)

lmao hai almost skater?lol

lol name is confusing yeah I meant it that I skate almost it's a skateboard brand haha :)

I kinda Liked u b4 skaterkid. but indeed I am the jealos type

lmao I stil luv u! rofl :P

don't need to worry were just having a conversation and nothing else it's all good

lmao almos done wit the second page wit our commentss

ohh lookeh the next page

haha yeah is skaterkid here?

she's a fckin hoe

that's shitty dude I feel for you cheating sucks

Wow that was a LONG conversation! Rawrtastic you are amasing though (not trying to be creepy or awkward) I seriously had to scroll down 6 pages on my ipod to find the ending. It was quite amusing though so I guess it was worth it.

What the fuck.

Why the fuck did I read all of that?

Fuck you first damn there gos my life

you away for two weeks • your girlfriend 4 dudes= a dirty whore that cheated on you

haha woo! next page!

it's kinda sad how mny comments I posted lol :/

lol sad? or maybe just too pro! lol think about it :)

lol I stick wit sad :P

lol ok can't argue so with the comments i put I must be 1/10 sad haha

is this rlly going down right now. skaterkid I know what urdoing. urdoing the same thing I was when. met her. I don't respect tht which means that I don't respect myself.

scratch that last sentence

lol u don't respect urself :0

haha I scratched it, it's all good

haha yeah I'm pretty confused but alrighty then

is almost skater kid for real? to pro to post over 100 comments? it's sad tht we are looking at other peoples fails throught life so to post one commer is sad but w/e


haha am I detecting some anger here?

I'll help you whatever you say I will make it sound less of a broadway musical on the next comment.

" am I feeling like I should kick someones ass?" see less of a musical.even tho I will prob get pist if u say that i will respect u more

haha now your just making no sense, I think you should relax

u tew shud luv each other moree

I'm not a big fan of musicals

oh haha he said I was talking like I was in a musical ha

I hate tou

hmm I'm off for today gotta finsh sum hw.. and don't hate :) ttyl

I'm not lovng this kid he's weird. he just liked jumped into our convo thinking he's family

fukc if I know what your doing it isn't going to work and you know it

ummm what am I trying to do? haha just having a nice conversation

so what kinda homework you doing on break ?

oh my god ! I hate yuo so much!

I seriously don't know what I'm doing to be honest haha

imrawrtastic. ily

is she your gf?

haha ily2 :P now I'm off to sleep bai

ya only in my dreams pal. I'm peacing. bye

haha hmm dream that must be nice, well take care

lol can I luv rawr too or no?!?

damn I'm on this site to much

lol haha same same

lol I'm gonna go sleepp bai

damn it can't sleep

lol me either :/

If it makes you feel better I'm probably gonna get less sleep still haha

lol not reli.. but okai I'm off to skool

lol how exciting me too :/

page 4 haha I gotta get of this site bye. I'm rawrtasitc Ily. and skaterkid. fukc off :p

fine I'm back only cuz I know imrawrtastic loves me

lol I do don't i!

haha well I can't blame u haha jk.

lmao ur rite

haha I feel like ur always sarcastic

what's up rawr :) did you get plenty of sleep haha I sure didn't! and myman I missed you too hahaha

oh my k god. kid stop!

your not the only person that gets to talk I should be able to talk too

dude like I don't know how to explain it. but I hate you. you should have no right to talk

lol I think I have plenty of right to talk :) maybe your just jealous of me :) it's ok If you are

I mean not trying to be mean just a thought lol

u have a babies face u

I think rawr does too it's cute don't you think

no? I think she has a pretty, mature face? it's pretty

it's weird how u call her rawr like u know her?

haha I think it's a cute baby face :) and I kinda have to call her that since that's what her fml account name is lol

not rlly u make it sound like she's ur gf. like rawr? y not rawrtastic or imrawrtastic or irt ?

well i should be able to maybe I want to put rawr cuz I like that one more, and you call me skaterkid haha so it's the same thing

lol readin both of ur comments made my day

not rlly rawr is like saying hey baby u don't see me calling u hey snookums

haha that's what I'm here for rawr :) and if I wanted to call her baby I would have just called her baby lol

lmao meh names Sophia..

nice to meet u Sofia but I can't handle this kid he's to big of a kiss up

oh that's a cool name! the names zeke haha so I don't have to be called that guy or skaterkid

for real? lol

kiss up? like 70% of the time I have been talking to you lol

that guy sounds much bettr btw

haha probably

:P I think myman guy left

haha well I think for now but he just needs a breather don't worry he will be back

haha I'm bored.. might leave to do sum epic things...lyk watch tv..,

haha dang that is pretty epic not sure if I can handle something like that!

lmao but then again who can?:P

lol that is true :D like I'm watching tv too but not epically haha!

zike got owned haha kk I'm pced

haha name is spelled wrong! and NO U lol

lol bai myman :P

lol no he is angry face right

lol angry face?

lol oh yeah angry face

lmao angry faces fail :l

haha aw I thought it was good

lol I'm sorry it's amazing!

lol haha yes! I was hoping it would :D haha

lol notins in tv :((

lol really? what shows you like?! haha I'm watching the office or scrubs

fuck u! I love scrubs fuck u u can't like it!

ohh ur still here :) btw next pagee!

haha I've watched it since like the beginning it's like my show but I think I prefer the office more

pshh I'm watchin daybreakers on meh laptop :l

no fck this I rlly like u Sofia it's a pretty name but ur the only reason y I come back but this time I'm done for real. btw skater kid this website is for 17 yrs older not fcking 9 yr olds

haha dang laptop lucky just watching the office on my itouch

well your off by 7 yrs I'm actually 16 but nice age guess though :)

haha Ty will nice talkin to u?:o

u too? 8D. <---- skater kids. 8===============D~~~~~~. <~~~ myman's. XD

haha still watching day breakers?!?

haha very mature myguy it was sooo funny it made me want to go watch more scrubs!

haha yeah while ur at it grow a dick :( ut oh

yea buh I'm lyk fallin alseep ttyl?

haha it thought you were gonna go but obviously you like talking to me

btw drawing penisis is a bit disturbing.. buh yea gnite

idrc. bye

ur pretty ok zeke :P

oh and your pretty ok yourself :D

pretty ok is good enough for me lol!

haha well i'm lyk super sleepy so yea gnite no Matter how ok u r Ima logg:P ttyl

haha alright goodnight! I should be getting some sleep too! some epic sleep! lol :)

lol epic sleep sounds fun..nah jp:) okai now I'm not comin bak till tmmrw so don't miss meh to much!!

lol ok I will try to restrain myself from missing you a bunch :D goodnight and sweetdreams

btw I'm turning 15. thought I should say that. and I can still sound less of a fag then u. sweetdteams sugarplum :D

your still pretty immature haha

haha and what happened to this is the last time I'm gonna write? this is like your 3rd last time lol well night

lol hmm in sadly bak on this site :l

haha me too did you atleast have a good day?!

lol mhmm hbu?:P

haha it was kinda good except for one class I knocked out and woke up at the end of it lol :)

lol wow that's uhmm..idk wat to say :P get sum sleep..?:)

lol yeah I need too but always up watching tv haha I never learn :)

haha one day ull learn the hard wayy

haha I know I'm just that cool :) lol naw I'm tooo lame

lol it's getin annoying postin these comments >.<

lol I know it really does times a billion!! haha

lol hmm got an aim?:P

no wait I sound lyk a stalkerr

lol no no it's fine i must be a stalker too cuz I was gonna ask you the same thing lol

lol my aim thing username is raikiri022 add me lol :)

lol mkai lemme add uu

u guys are both idiots. one of u guys are not who u say u r. I wasn't but skaterkid u just put ur aim to everyone who looks at fml. and idk inrawrtastic u sound a little bit odd I mean your 16 have a really Hott pic. idk it doesn't sound right

haha you get mad real easily and I'm taking this is going to be your last and final 4th time or did you just miss me :)

I'm just saying one of u guys r full of shit

maybe it's just you for getting mad at people over the Internet lol

that doesn't even make any sence

haha sure sure what ever makes you feel better lol

hey next page lol

looks like "rawr" got tired of us. oh well byr

lol I'm still talking to RAWR cuz she is awesome :) she just doesn't talk to you haha night night gonna go watch my fav show scrubs

u do that i'm gunna go ski

lol I still come oonn..

cool and i'm gonna skateboard :) lol

ohh so u do skate ?lmao nice

lol yeah I'm alright got kickflips in just trying to do Tre flips :)

dude that's fucking ill richous. outragous

improper spelling but it's ok cuz your complimenting how awesome I am at skating :)

don't make him feel bad lol

haha idrc

I'm not offended by a kid who takes his pic through his bathroom mirror. dude I only see girls do that

haha atleast I have something up :)

tonite... nah jk jk

you don't really sound right; no offense. you come talk to these people like you know them for life, and say ily. These guys are like what 17 and your just turning 15. but I think this is really funny. they're just two people who just want to stay in touch an be friends, but I think someones a bit jealous.

the funniest shit is; is that you don't know them well enough to be jealous. it's you that's the complete idiot and the strange one. they we're the first ones to tell they're real age first. so pawned! (;

you don't know them well enough to know that those were their real ages so stfu. and rawr def

lol it means definetly?

I totaly knew that..

YDI for dating a whore.

She missed you oh so dearly that she shagged other men. Such a loyal girlfriend, almost brings a tear to my eye. Almost.

If she missed you so much and or love then she wouldn't have slept with other guys. Good thing you broke up with her huh~

Oh shit, really?

she's not worth it man

just two weeks? damn that's fucked up. I'd get checked cause you never know. not with just two weeks and she's screwed 4 guys already

Skank Alert! Move on but remember, you can always go back and hit that easy piece again. I doubt her knees have been together for awhile.

good thing ya dumpes her