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  MQ_was_here  |  0

Talking about blame...I remember playing that game as a kid and also how my younger brother started saying "fuckno head" (a word derived of "fuck" and some gibberish a 5-year-old can put together) and everytime he'd lose he'd yell out "Fuckno head!" and of course when asked who taught it to him, he blamed it on me. I'm not gonna say what happened next but dear OP, I feel for you. I effin hate that game. -_-

  Aggriken  |  0

Today, I found out that my boyfriend's life does not revolve around me. He would rather play a game that he thinks is fun, than put up with me bitching at him about it. WTF. FML

  YeahFMLxX  |  0

obviously they were playing BioShock 2. Silly moose, oh and for everyone out there.. you die in all four alternative endings with Elanore taking whatever you decide to be, good or bad, depending on whether you save or harvest the little sisters, as her ego in BioShock 3. YEAH! EDIT; (in one ending she throws you back down to rapture: sorry.) Thus this could be a continuation of the problem that your bf wants to hit that ending (: yay!

  jess08265  |  0

I'm a girl and I love bioshock! tonight after eating dinner with my boyfriend we went up to his room and I played bioshock 2 for about 2 or 3 hours. it's addicting! assasins creed and left for dead are good too if you ask me! :) 

  portablecupid  |  3


haha me and my boyfriend play l4d too! were in a long distance relationship so we like to game together as a sort of date night, but since i have a 360 and he has a ps3 we have to play the pc version :/

  RyanZhang22  |  1

yeah, why you hatin?!? I hate haterz, so I hate you. bitch

  bigboy777  |  0

nvr put video games infront of loved ones I'm a videogameaddict and I dont do that btw bio shock isn't what all it cracked up to be it is actually pretty stupid!

  deadsrs  |  0

The best kind. It says "I love you... but I would rather tell you that from a distance and while spending a little money and effort as is humanly possible". damnit... am I confusing best with worst again?


@ british hobo. I bet you are gay because almost every normal guy plays video games. Not for days or anything. But sometimes you just need something a little bit different once and awhile. Maby you should try being a man for once in life.

  Vayt  |  2

Clearly, this man has never played BioShock.
Also: your point (that men who choose games over girls are creeps) is a bit undercut by the fact that you're trying to pick someone up on a website like this.

  BritishHobo  |  0

Three points. Or two, I'm not sure yet.

1. I'm gay because I'd rather be with a girl than playing a game? That's some genius fucking logic there, Holmes.

2. I'm not trying to pick up any girl who happens to live in Michigan. I'm looking for a specific person. I know posting for help on here's going to get me nowhere, but I felt like posting it anyway, just because. Hell, why not :P

3. I didn't call anyone a creep. I called them fucktards. I don't mean anyone that plays games, I love gaming. But people that would purposely avoid their girlfriend to play gaming. Then again, I haven't played Bioshock xD

  MadaZer0  |  8

Gonna agree with the British guy...

plus... BioShock is shit compared to MW2... Wait... *goes and plays Bio Shock 2*

.... Did I say MW2 was better than BS2...? O.O Think I was high when I said that...

  BBoureaux  |  8

Excuse me, 23, but are you saying gay people aren't normal? As a matter of fact, are you saying gay people don't play video games? What the hell ARE you saying, seriously?