By loserman - 29/04/2014 22:40 - United States - Frisco

Today, while at my brother's funeral, my girlfriend decided to tell me she'd been sleeping with him. FML
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I'm so sorry for your loss and that your girlfriend told you that. I usually don't condone not coming clean about cheating but this would have been a scenario where it was best left unsaid.


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Why in Sweet Baby Jesus' name would you want to replace something bad, with something bad?

If anything should be replaced is that girlfriend of his

This is a tough one. Some things are better left unsaid...but if they must be said, timing is everything. And this seems like an awful time for her to tell you. I mean to tell you AT the funeral? That's shitty. Not to mention it would create what will be unresolved issues with your dead brother. Either way your girl is bitch.

24: It does have a very slight upside, though: It presents you with the opportunity to push her into the open grave.

Did she bother mentioning whether it was before or after he passed.

bingbongbingbong 11

#53 that's just disgusting, not funny at all

Now I'm against hitting a women but nothing says it's wrong to hire another women and hit that bitch!!:D

incoherentrmblr 21

This is cold. I hope you don't have another brother. Horrible timing, but at least she confessed. Time to dump her and find a decent girl.

At least your brother took the secret to the grave.... Oh I can already feel the thumbs down for my dark humor :D

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OP, you need to get yourself a new, fine, charming boyfriend!

#28 It can happen on accident. And once it does, you can't undo it (hopefully they'll change that soon though).

cosmicriver 17

#35...Yes, it can indeed happen on accident. I speak from experience. I, as well hope that they change this soon. It would be nice to correct a mistake. Especially if it is a post or story that truly plays the heart strings. It sucks, quite a lot to press the YDI option when, quite clearly they did not do it. Perhaps they may change it, if enough fellow FMLers request it to be done. An FML petition, perhaps? ; )

Hopefully OP also meant the girlfriend *had* been sleeping with the brother. Hopefully.

Bye bye Bitch, don't let the coffin hit you on the head when I close it on you. Or you could simply turn and look at her with a straight face... "I Know, and your time will come soon also."

#28 By accident... I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight... ;-;

I'm so sorry for your loss and that your girlfriend told you that. I usually don't condone not coming clean about cheating but this would have been a scenario where it was best left unsaid.

ninety 25

I agree with you, 3. If his gf really wanted to leave him, she could have at least spared OP from a little pain and just left his dead brother out of it.

It's possible that the girlfriend didn't want to leave OP and was hoping that he would forgive her for sleeping with his brother and that was why she didn't just leave him. Either way, OP's (hopefully ex) girlfriend is a pretty terrible person.

@22 I understand what you're saying but the fml says shes been sleeping with him which to me sounds like more than once. Shes stupid for thinking someone will stay with her after that if thats the case.

razzledazzle21 23

77 - Not necessarily. People stay with people who have cheated on them all the time, whether it's because of self-esteem issues, love, or some other reason. I have a friend who continues to stay with her bf despite proof of his cheating because she says she's in love with him.

Durantye 8

It would've been best if she didn't sleep with the guy actually. But that aside this was the worst time to say it now the brother probably has negative feelings towards 2 of the people he felt he could trust most. And one of them is dead and the other is (hopefully) no longer in the picture.

there's nothing to talk about, dumb the piece of shit.

martin8337 35

Wow what a place to air dirty laundry. That sucks I'm sorry.

Sorry for both your losses. But maybe now they can both share the coffin.

LOL I don't know who would downvote this. That was HILARIOUS.

This whole story would be even better if she had worn a T-shirt that said "I slept with the corpse!"

that's not funny, that's sick and people are going to think your crazy.

Good idea 6, then they'd really be "sleeping" together.

conman531 23

I'm so sorry to hear all this. Head high. You got plenty of people that love you

...are you sure about that? sounds like OP needs to find a better inner circle.

PresidentNorth 16

Everyone on fml is empathetic towards him. why can't you be the same?

Variation is the key to survival in some cases. Why should everyone be a sheep? How dull.

That's got to hurt OP. Sorry about your loss.

you didn't deserve it. you deserve BETTER

EphMi 5

Spoiler Alert: OP knew about it all along.....that's why its his brother's funeral.....

Spoiler alert??? Were we gonna figure that out in his next fml or something?

Actually we were going to find out by the brother in a fml. Sadly he just didn't get to finish that fml.