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Today, I had a conversation with another patient in my gyno's waiting room. It was about her getting pregnant in a truck while passed out drunk, her therapist's frequent use of a "For Dummies" books, and how she had waxed and oiled everything to impress our doctor. FML
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Is this one of those "my friend" things where this is all actually you?

I always make my teeth look nice for the sexy dentist...I guess that's almost the same thing.


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Wow, the doc doesn't want to become horny. He's just checking for abnormalities/pregnancy. Uh, Fyl OP.

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Could be, but possibly lesbian??? What fun that would be!!

And how the **** do you know the doctor doesn't want to become horny?

And how the **** do you know the doctor doesn't want to become horny? EDIT: Sorry, my ******* iPod glitched

I'm confused, where does it say she was saying this to the doctor? I always thought waiting rooms were a completely different room than the examination room.

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Well, a boner in a gynocologyst office would be bad, mostly because there's something happening to all of those vaginas, such as pregnancy, aids, herpes, genital warts, etc. nobody wants that!! Well, then again, pregnant **** is the best...

Actually, 21, there are women who visit the gynecologist for routine check-ups, and not simply when there's a problem with their lady bits.

Actually, 21, women need a "special checkup" once a year to ensure everything is running smoothly. Just because someone's at the gynecologist doesn't mean there's something wrong with her. How old are you anyways? 14? Please educate yourself a wee bit more, I'm getting sick of your obnoxious, slightly perverted comments.

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I am 24 and I am a clerk at my local gynocologyst's office. Tyvm.

33 - Oh really? Well for starters, you spelt gynecologist wrong. Secondly, you should know then that women don't just go there because of abnormalities. Thirdly, you should know that waiting rooms and examination rooms are completely divided, so how would the doctor get horny from hearing this conversation? Sorry, but I don't believe you.

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Thanks for the spell-check bitch. Anyway. I meant that the freshly waxed and oiled ****** might turn him or her on.

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Feel free to just stop right there.

joker72401 - Please do me a favour and send me your CV so I know never to hire you to work in my office. I think I'd want my clerk to be able to spell my own specialty. Thanks.

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I love arguments when the arguers get owned

Joker-I've met cats and dogs smarter than you.

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what do you mean abnormalities? What other abnormalities can you have other than an std? (sorry, I have a physical on Friday and I'm really paranoid)

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82- cysts and other general uterine problems. Usually they're not a huge deal though.

When doc steps in its game over. Joker. Hole. Now.

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She already a truck, passed out drunk.

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Does it count if you're passed out? Sounds like she got raped....

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Correction: Someone needs to get laid with looooove.

when I read 59's and 67's comments together I did it too the tune of Lonely Island's I just had sex

Sounds like you two had a deep bonding session. FYL for sure!

I always make my teeth look nice for the sexy dentist...I guess that's almost the same thing.

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Almost the same. But NOT. A gyno sees so many vaginas in a day that he/she probably is sick of them!! Ladies, just keep the vaginas clean and healthy so the doc can see them and tell you whats happening down there.

Couldn't you say the same about teeth? A dentist sees teeth everyday and might get sick of them too.

Joker, please stfu. It is the same thing. You see a dentist, you brush your teeth first. You see a podiatrist, you scrub the feet and wear fresh socks. You see a dermatologist, you go in with fresh clean skin. You see a gynecologist, you clean up downstairs. Same idea.

#1 Horrible attempt at first comment -_- shame.

She sounds like a perfectly reasoned and balanced person. Why would you choose to brag about getting pregnant whilst passed out in a truck? People are strange creatures.

Nope, she means another patient. You get it now, Champ?

Is this one of those "my friend" things where this is all actually you?

"I talked to a person" and "I talked to a friend" are the same. Use a little logic.

84 How about you make sure you're correct before correcting others? The actual sentence was "I had a conversation with another patient". Nice try.

Oh, because patients aren't people? Gotcha.

Umm you were quoting, and failed. For the record, a person is not always a friend. I know what you meant, but since you wanna be a smartass I will too.

I used quotation marks to symbolize the relationship between the two statements, nowhere were they stated in the FML. If we're judging by thumbs ups, it would be you who failed. Aaaaaand I wasn't even talking to you in the first place.

I don't want to like this because the comment has 69 likes and I dont want to ruin it.

I think everyone spruces up a bit when going to see a doctor or brushing extra for the dentist. But the other info is TMI for her to share with a stranger!

She's warning you that the doc is her man, and you should step off. Otherwise she'll get some angry, horny trucker after you. *shudders*

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Is your therapist Jerry Springer?