By Anonymous - 23/5/2012 11:44 - Australia - Sydney
Today, I had dinner with my family for the first time in a couple of days. My mum and dad spent the majority of the time arguing whether salt or pepper weighed more. This is why I'm not home often. FML
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  ICastillo  |  24

Are you crazy #4 if I told my mom that she would beat my ass. No matter what age I was. I don't know how OPs parents would react, but that's what usually will happen.


21: My mom threw me face first into a grate.
Another time she almost drowned me.
Sometimes, she take me across the street for a beating from a woman who looked like she was on steroids.
That's when I learned not to fuck with her.

Is it bad that my mother is Casey Anthony?
Lol bullshit aside, don't fuck with the parents, unless they REALLY deserve it. Sometimes, not even then.

  11mandy80  |  6

Families sometimes argue for nothing! What's wrong with this! My family can have silly arguments about nothing for no reason! We love each other still

  gcohen4  |  12

At my family dinners we talk about prepping for colonascopes and that I need to marry a lawyer and that my brother need to get details about his date

  wlddog  |  14

In open space they both are pulled by gravity at the same rate. In our atmosphere it depends on aerodynamics. It changes the "Terminal Velocity" and that can be effected by the shape of the object.

Grab a piece of paper out of the printer and throw it as hard as you can . How far did it travel?
Grab another piece of paper from the printer and ball it up. Throw it as hard as you can. How far did that travel?

I hope this little presentation did not bore you.

By  DocBastard  |  38

For fuck's sake, what's the matter with them? Haven't they seen pictures?

Pepa is much taller than Salt, though Salt did put a lot of weight on recently. Push it real good.

  skyeyez9  |  24

Your comment reminded me of an incident in an elevator. Above the emergency stop button said "push" and someone wrote in a black
Marker right next to it "push it real good."