By Cinnamon - 18/07/2011 00:04 - Jamaica

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me because she thought I was cheating on her. With my own sister. FML
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You'd be surprised by what people do for sex these days


this FML reminds me of Toby and Jenna from pretty little liars... :S

that's her excuse for not wanting to be with you anymore...

that's just her excuse for not wanting to be with you anymore...

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could have been worse, she could've though you were cheating on her for your brother ( if you have one )

That would really be worse because it's like her sister is a lesbian with his girlfriend.

Oh shit, here comes the thumbs down. Dont worry, I now fully understand the FML.

#9 Yeah except Jenna practically forced Toby.

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52, what did you think the FML was in the first place? o_o

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dammit , i didnt get to that part in the show yet

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And were you? Girlfriend is crazy, prob better off this way.

don't worry op if you lived where I lived it would be looked at as okay cause it happens quite alot... but ur girlfriend sounds crazy.FYL.

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Reminds me of the movie Miss March. These 2 lesbians picked up hitchhikers or an exchange. the hitchhikers have to drive while the Russian chicks have sex in the back seat of the car.

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I wonder if his sister's name is Brittany.

I wonder if his sisters name is Justin beiber

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I like the fact the dudes username is cinnamon like he's some female Rastafarian stripper

i bet op's sister told the gf that to break them up bcuz of her creepy secretive desire for him.........

103 how is it looked at as ok where your from. your profile reads Canada and I am from Canada and I think accusing someone or even thinking someone Is sleeping with his own sister is ****** up.

I know it's ****** up but that's the way my small town is it's in Alberta. that's why I can't wait to get out of here cause they are all a bunch of inbred nasty red necks. there is only few people who realize that it's ****** including me.

172, possibly the greatest fml reference i have ever seen

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Must Live In West Virginia x)

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um incest.. how is tht hot??

wow, I dare say the dreaded word? "threesome"

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are you serious? with his ******* sister? thats disgusting!

haha, but they both knew what they were doing so he doesnt need to apoligize to her

it's not like he has to do anything with the sister his ex just has to be bi

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His girl broke up with him because she thought he was CHEATING on her with his sister. I'm pretty sure a threesome is out of the question

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I never heard of Jamaican **** before

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It wasn't a question. It was a statement

-40 Google has information on this statement.

-51 The magic of the Internet was invented by google, fueled by /b/tards, and populated by various people that are not "women" and definitely not "children"

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-69 I don't want to stop anymore, this community is too easily used, so I've given up on it, so ima just speak my mind from now on.

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isnt the whole point of a "threesome" is having 3 people participate? it wouldnt be a threesome if one person sat out

-72 Girlfriend is always in middle, problem solved.

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will you ever make a comment that makes sense?

Why does someone always have to mention threesome? It's his sister, pervert.

87 since I could not reply in time, I will reply here, try asking my friend with down syndrome that perfect grammar comes naturally.

tsume24 3

96, do you yourself have Down's Syndrome?

-101 You seriously made me cry, my friends family barely has enough money to pay for his medication. Screw you.

you look ******* stupid with those piercings fag and u blew a fat **** in this arguement

101 I'd like to point out one final difference as I am too tired to stay awake, on my info page I give people thatdiserve good recognition, recognition and don't pit down the dozens of idiots on here, then you decide let's put negatives on my info page. I don't care what you do anymore, but just know you're* a complete snob.

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tsume24 why don't you stop already? Their is this new thing called 'fun' I would like you to try out.

tsume24 3

I've been replying to him for fun. and I asked if he has Down's because he was telling everyone to ask his friend who is also a Down's victim about good grammar...which would be irrelevant to his own argument if he himself is not a victim. Iamnotmyself, I'm sorry about your friend. but you still have yet to make sense, or propose an argument that makes sense. I put you in my bio for that reason.

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*who also happens to be my bad.

132- I think you put him in your bio because you're just a hater who likes starting shit. which is what you did up there ^ just shut up and go away.

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I'm fairly certain he started shit with me by posting nonsensical raging BS to me in a different thread, and then carried it over to here. I put him in my bio for the same reason anyone puts anyone in their bio. your username seems awfully shit-starting, by the way...

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wow is your girlfriend really that crazy?

Well, OP.. were you? Maybe his GF isn't so crazy... He never actually said he wasn't..

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Maybe not, sister and brother "lovin" isn't as uncommon as people think. His girlfriends thoughts might be right or he had to close of a relationship with his sister which creeped her out.

I'm guessing she saw him walking into a coffee shop or something with her, and she jumped to the conclusion that he was cheating. I just have a hard time believing that she knew the guys sister and insisted they were sleeping together...that's just horribly wrong.

Pretty obvious what's going on in her house if that's a natural reaction in her mind

I feel like this op watched bad teacher. anyone agree?

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You'd be surprised by what people do for sex these days

So, is it true? You'd be surprised by how disgusting people are these days.

You would be surprised at some of the things that have been done for sex and actually worked. I guess everybody has a fetish, just depends on what you're into.

These days? People's habits haven't changed much since ancient times.

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What I'd do for sex these days. xD

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251, I hope you're joking because you're 15 according to your profile.

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255 she's fro 1997 that means shes 13 or 14

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266, well that's even worse then

I would cheat on my girlfriend with OP's sister

I know the feeling except she accused me of my bestfriend not sister

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That's a VERY different accusation.

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was the girlfriend blonde...?

thats completely different cuz opposite sex bffs are complete bullshit labels


It would be incest not inbred

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that would mean he had sex with his sister and created himself...

I wouldn't joke bout that. where I'm happens...just went to a wedding last week where 2 cousins got married!! it happens all the time here!

Why go across the street when you can go down the hall? Just kidding. That's wrong.

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she thought? thats a hardcore instinct.

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11 - are you feeling better from those hits to the head in the ampitheater? xD