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By Anonymous - 16/02/2010 02:09 - United States

Today, my girlfriend broke up with me. Why? Because apparently her friends have seen me hanging out with a hot girl, giving her long hugs and making her laugh. That "hot girl" is my sister, who got back from studying abroad a week ago. FML
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Jeez. FYL, man. Didn't you try to explain?

curley18 3

well at least you got out of it sooner rather than later.


Jeez. FYL, man. Didn't you try to explain?

Then that means your sis is hot be happy!!!

Rickymonkeypants 0

why should he explane? she could have trusted him if she really was a good gf he would not have to explane because she should have trusted him over her friends her friends seem like annoying little bitches

doesn't the rule bro's b4 hoe's apply to wemon? a relationship usualy lasts for a year or so, friedship = > a lifetime

Toxxic_Blackout 0

You can't be serious. Relationships can last a lifetime when you find the right person. so can friendships. Now back to the story.. it's a YDI since you obviously didn't explain yourself. I'm sure you would have gotten upset if you saw your girlfriend laughing and hugging some other guy. She didn't know it was your sister.

KrazyKatz3 26

People have friends... People hug their friends and laugh with their friends and it's no big deal. This girl is an idiot and the guy didn't have to explain anything

FYL AND YDI because that's messed up and not cool, but you should have shared this wonderful news with your girlfriend.

i'm sure he did try to explain but she probably had already made up her mind thanks to her friends

iSwag 0

YDI for caring that somebody like that broke up with you

No biggy! Tell her it's a misunderstanding :)

Spoozie 0

umm 1. she could of talked to u first, I would of before breaking up with u. she's a bitch. haha sorry if that makes peeps mad but yeah..haha. and TWO, u should tell us sister like "uahh, yeah hey. my girlfriend broke up with me cause her friends think ur hot!" haha(:

curley18 3

well at least you got out of it sooner rather than later.

I agree with you #2, obviously she broke up with you because of a miscommunication; if you can't communicate you were going to break up eventually. Might as well be now.

She sounds jealous and obtuse. Why would he want to be with her?

^^^ when I looked at u curly I nearly barfed, can u please put a picture of a dog because it would be a better picture...

^^y would u say that she's probably a nice person!!?!? don't be a bitch just cauz the internet is annoynoumous

You didn't tell her about your sister studying abroad before?

i agree with what u say but mayb she didnt his sister was back.

ravensfan1091 0

ydi shouldnt give your sister long hugs. unless you live in WV then its acceptable

jisaac09 25

hell, i make out with his sister, i dont see how long hugs are sooooo bad....

perdix 29

It wasn't really the long hugs that were the problem -- it was the pelvic thrusts.

if you take her back you are a damn fool

Even though you no longer have a girlfriend, at least you still have your hot sister.

PsychoMerk 0

some kind of an actual WINcest?

lickmyjock 0

WRONG FML lmao!!! And no sooner is NOT better, for the woman anyway.