By Werner - / Monday 2 March 2009 21:04 / United States
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rager! let this be a lesson to you: never tell your parents what they don't need to know unless you've been proved well and truly busted :)


yea you coulda been like oh we were talking about this one guy at the party who was superrrrr high and drunk. but you walked right into that one


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yeah, i almost had to learn this your way. deny, deny, deny. no matter what. always ask for proof straight up front. otherwise always deny.

clever parents - geez, you have a lot to learn about not straight up divulging info - never say more than they have to hear

samee thing happened to me. i noticed i had called my dad tho and quickly hung up... called his cell back and got into his voicemail and deleted the message i left! i was so lucky... i now have this application on my phone called drunk blocker so every time i know that im going to be drinking i turn it on for a certain time period and put the numbers in it that i do nott want to call while being drunk!

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