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By Anonymous - 28/10/2014 23:54 - United States

Today, my mom talked to me and my brother about how great it was that our cousin was getting away from drugs and becoming sober, as he would have so many more opportunities opened up for him now. She explained all this while sitting on our patio, smoking a blunt. FML
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Eh. She can know that it's a vice and still be happy for others who choose not to partake. I don't see much wrong with this situation.

She might just speak from experience. Either way shes pretty blunt(. Ill lead myself out.)


AnOriginalName 19

Eh. She can know that it's a vice and still be happy for others who choose not to partake. I don't see much wrong with this situation.

you mean you don't see anything wrong with a mother shamelessly smoking that stuff in front of her kids, while openly admitting that it decreases the quality of her life?

When I think drugs I think the hard stuff, marijuana is a plant, which I can get into a long rant about why it's illegal but I won't. It's not bad for you, it doesn't kill you, I've seen the effects of it by my friends and some family. If she's careless with it, yes itll ruin her life, but if she's knows to stop in time to pass a drug test for a job interview or whatever then it doesn't matter what she does.

Cocaine and heroine are plants too. Please get a better formed argument to back up your pro weed campaign. Not that I disagree but it doesn't give off the best image when you come off ignorant about an issue . Just my opinion.

Plus the argument isn't about whether or not she smokes it, it's that she's trying to teach her kids not to while she does, in a "do as I say, not as I do" way. As a mother, she shouldn't be teaching her kids to do recreational drugs in any manner, no matter what. OP and her brother could be 15, and it IS harmful to a child's brain development.

@47 Perhaps I am wrong, but the point simply was not that it is grown as a plant but rather the processes needed to achieve a final product. Marijuana you do nothing too. Cocaine and heroin requires an extensive refinement process.

Weed is manufactured and cultivated as well. You do need to do stuff to get the clinical quality stuff , but that is besides the point . The point being that if you are going to make an argument about something being not that bad or just a plant. Back it up with evidence. It is damaging to you , however there are medical benefits for certain specific things, like seizures . Cannabis with low thc is usually the best medicinal uses, not the strands that are genetically engineered to get the best high. Usually it's just an overused drug, like alcohol and similar substances.

@50 Whys he have to back it up, normal marijuana is just grown, any form of cocaine or heroin is processed. You can argue about clinical or processed marijuana but that isn't the natural plant you and I both know he was talking about

Cocaine and heroine are from plants, but they have also been chemically altered to become a drug. Marijuana is simply marijuana. They don't pick it, grind it down, heat and add chemicals to make it into a substance. That is the biggest and most important difference between marijuana and the examples you gave.

How many of you naturally grow you own cannabis sativa or indica ? I'm guess a small percentage and most get it from clinics or growers that buy from people who cross breed and make it as potent as it is today. Anyways this is a lost argument. Like I said it's not that I'm opposed to it cause I honestly don't care. It's the simple principle of the argument. Besides being a faster myself I wouldn't want my daughter watch me getting high or being impaired. I like my daughter to look up me as a role model.

while i agree its not right to tell your children to not do something an then do it, we dont know enough background. maybe mom screwed up her life by pot so she knows better. maybe mom is no longer in the workforce and wants to enjoy some cannabis. nothing wrong with that. as long as she teaches her kids about pot and they can make a very well informed decision, and do it safely, i see no problem

She should do what my friend's mom does, she doesn't smoke it around them, she waits till they're at their dad's because he makes them do drug tests and she doesn't want them to get in trouble for something she does.

Definitely nothing wrong with this situation. This shouldn't even be an FML.

She might just speak from experience. Either way shes pretty blunt(. Ill lead myself out.)

Well, at least you realize the dangers of drugs and the problems they can cause.

What kind of drugs was your cousin into? weed and meth are two different things. One makes you happy the other makes you crazy.

Sounds like she was talking about harder drugs. Weed is hardly anything to get worried about- assuming it's legal where you live. I'm guessing, however it isn't. It's a bit hypocritical of her, though.

aye your mom sounds bad ass as ****. but good for your cousin ?