By imarriedanaxemurderer - 18/06/2013 05:01 - United States - Joliet

Today, my husband was in our newborn's room, holding and talking to him. I guess he forgot the baby monitor, because I overheard him say, "Wanna know a secret? Daddy kills people." I really hope he was just quoting Dexter. FML
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Maybe he didn't forget the baby monitor and he was just messing with you.

Look for those slides with drops of blood.


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Because Dexter is a great show and seeing holding his baby reminded him of that scene. It's kind of like people who raise their pets how Simba was raised in the Lion King, they usually don't have a specific reason for doing it other than they feel like it.

bybib 20

Ah ok. I have never seen the show so I didn't realize there was a scene or something similar. I thought he wasnjust randomly telling his kid a quote from the show.

bamagrl410 31

That's what I thought too. Still a little creepy though.

Which episode is that in?

Check the air conditioning vent for blood slides. Ha! :)

So tell me, what's your favorite memory as a newborn?

Oh yes, children always remember everything as a newborn.

Look for those slides with drops of blood.

Or the chest of killing supplies!

Look in the closet and basement.

Just watch the amount of garbage bags he goes through!

Remember to look inside the AC.

I hope they have central air and not a stand alone

drjohnnyboy 15

I wouldn't take chances, that's intense....investigation time, OP! Good luck

And we've found a culprit! JohnnyBoyDidIt, and we have a full confession!

Hopefully just a joke, but you should really figure that out for sure!

bballer4life895 13

Hopefully he's like dexter and it's just bad people!

More specifically serial killers, not just any "bad" person.

Or child rapists

Maybe he didn't forget the baby monitor and he was just messing with you.

Ghazzie 7

LOL that sounds like something I would do, for sure.

I wouldn't take it seriously, I say ridiculous things all the time when i know my wife can hear me on the monitor.

Thesmiles 3

wishful thinking

It is probably the case.

jmar411 12

Is he an overly funny guy? If so, may he meant it more like "daddy kills people with laughter" or something like that.

Tried a bit to hard I guess.

Success4444 12

You tried a bit *too hard, too.

Wow... That's pretty intense..

What's a baby monitor? Sorry if I sound dumb but I am not from an English-speaking country.

bybib 20

It's a one way radio. parwntsnplace the transmitter nin the babys room and receiver bin the room they a r ebin so they can hear if the baby wakes or crys.

bybib 20

Ok wow my phone tweaked. Transmitter is placed in babys room, reciever where parents are. Parents can then hear when baby crys from another room.

A baby monitor is when you have a speaker in the baby's room and one in your bedroom and/or kitchen. It's so you can hear the baby cry

Ok, thank you for your help

SystemofaBlink41 27

You have better grammar than some people who ARE from an English speaking country, so props to you.

photogodess 13

It's a voice monitor ( walkie talkies) one monitor is in the baby room and the other is with the parents. so parents can hear if the new born child is crying or awake. Most people don't buy them any more.

If you asked him, he could tell you; but he'd have to... Well, you know.

Its an Ancient Chinese Secret....

Not necessarily... Deb knows, and we can only find out how he's going to handle the situation. Not everyone who knows has to die. I mean, true he did share his secret with Lila (?) and Trinity and they ended up in plastic, but they were nuts and needed to be killed anyway. I mean as long as you're cool with it. Lol

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You win the Internet!