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Today, I was at the grocery store with my five year-old son when I had to go to the bathroom. After doing my business and we started walking out of the bathroom, my son loudly announced to the whole store, "Mommy has diarrhea!" FML
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poor kid for having to endure the smell and sound of someone else poo

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Sounds like another fml I've read... Hmm

My sister had that and pooped on the floor once. It was naaasty.

What a smart son. Just rippin' it off like a bandaid. Cause I'm sure they would all have figured it out eventually.

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hah that sucks just run out the store lol

aren't little kids supposed to embarass you?

22- yes that's exactly why people have babies lol

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Trust me, with that look u don't need kids to embarrass u. hahahah!!!

Kids say the darndest things. Little rascals.

33 I'm not embarassed with my look and I honestly don't care what ppl think

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50 I don't cut myself. can't judge a book by it's cover

hooooooooooooooooooow cute :) and 56 dont worry... cuz if people would judge a book by his cover.. they'll think 50 takes it doggy style...

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it's ok to die a virgin alien girl

what's so embarrassing in it? I don't get the FML

And you also thought "thaught" was how you spelled thought.

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they would also think that sammiller is a boy and that your an alien

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70 i am speaking to 59, the one that looks like an alien

I don't look anything like a boy lol and I won't die a virgin cause I haven't been one for a couple years

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Sam, don't worry. He's just sad from spending the better part of his life, searching for his penis.

aw kids are awesome. Your very pretty =p

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you're right, you just have a boys name, no boobs, boyish hair, AND if your not a virgin which i dont believe btw, then your a **** because you dont look a day over 12.

tell me ur number and we'll do it all night long trust me, I'm a doctor

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72, way to come back with a no one gives a shit comment. I applaud you my highness. Oh hail the tard.

well 77 I'm 20 yrs old and I'm far from a ****. I lost it to a guy I was with for 2 1/2 yrs. you probably can't be in a relationship for that long

woowwww... 50 just doesnt know about macbook...LOL imm a alien :):)

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77, run on sentences! You do understand you're insulting a girl? You obviously have no manners. What's so wrong with being a virgin? I am, and I'm 20. Learn to capitalise and know the difference between your/you're.

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83, you coulda fooled me, i couldnt see those misquito bites with a microscope and 20 year olds, well normal 20 year olds dont have freak haircuts and lip rings, 86, who are you talking to nobody cares what i say to you.

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87, i dont care ur wasting your time i dont care for grammar spelling capitalization punctuation or that im insulting a shemale. and nothings wrong wit being a virgin its jsut a fact that ugly girls die a virgin.

Schizomaniac 24

88, say it with me. "Puuunnncctuuuuaaatiiiooon."

77- How come whenever I seem to see you, you are making fun of somebody elses looks? You must be VERY insecure about yourself.

Woahhh badass over here with a shark tooth on a necklace... and... oh god, your hat is sideways! I wouldn't mess with this bad boy folks

90 are you sayin im ugly??? and I dont care if you say Im a virgin. How could I know if you are not one yourself? and whats wrong with virgin people anyway?? ...wtvvvv u just dont know what your talkin about

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I love that this is coming from the uneducated guy who can't bring himself to post a picture of his own face. So, he finds the ugliest guy on google/photobucket to post. Congratulations man. In less than 3 days you have made a name for yourself, as the biggest ass wipe. Grow a pair and learn how to speak to ladies and treat them with respect.

lmfaoo 88 nothin better to do than start fights on fml with girls? anyways OP you should of just left without your kid.. haha

Schizomaniac 24

90, if ugly girls die "virgin," how were you concieved? OH! *Victory dance*

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77, no i just dont like ugly people, 95, to me u are ugly, 96, that is me and i dont care for grammar crucify me, and that sam thing isnt a lady.

Schizomaniac 24

99, you replied to yourself, jackass.

you telling me that i'm ugly just confirmed my point...

haha you must have no life if you like to start shit on fml.

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100, im aware, 102 it is ;), 103, maybe later, 104, its nice of u to share that u like doggy style, 105, get some boobs and we can talk

Schizomaniac 24

108, shut the **** up. Go to GMH with that shit. I'm playing, dude. Actually, everyone you see arguing here is really nice (except for the idiot we're arguing with). We just have a low tolerance for stupidity/rudeness.

Iorn, you are one of the ugliest people I have ever seen, presuming this is a photo of you. your jawline is wider than my fridge, your hair is horrendous, your "clothing" (shark tooth necklace and hat turned slightly to the side) is retarded, your eyebrows are different sizes and you have a class-A pedophile smile. If I disliked ugly people as much as you do, you would be dead in a ditch somewhere

Schizomaniac 24

Okay, that was odd. Comment 108 was replaced. Am I the only one who saw a guy say something like "why can't we all be nice to each other?" I think I'm losing my mind :(.

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jess, dont make me spank u, 111, look at ur picture you arent fooling anyone, 112, good to know, like i said before i just dont like shemales. 133, coming from someone who is so ugly u cant even put a picture of u up im really not offended.

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dude you are a total ass hole. why di you need to go around stating that you have high standards for your future gf which you will never get if you act like that?

111 - just ignore that guy don't lower yourself down to his level :D

Wow pretty low for you Mr. Italiano. Your an asshole who just needs to sink to the bottom of the ocean!!

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Okay comments like yours make FML stupid!.

alizzette_nabash 6

I meant it to the guy with his hat to the side

Oooh, can I join in??? Who should I make fun of today?..

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jess its ok ill get you tomorrow. 121, because i dont settle for ugly. 125, i like the ocean, 126 its stupid people like you who take the time to read all of these coments make my coments look dumber.

True but im pretty sure you agree with me that hes an ass

ha I will never lower my standards that low

167 u looke lyk a little piggy yur fckin ugly go dye so I don't half to look at u hope dey bury u 7 ft under cuz 6 jst wont cut it you fckn fat ugly pig wtfh is wrong wit u dam I dint think the 2nd uglyest creetcher alive could look at you even if their blind and stonedyour jst that frikkin ugly medoodoosa

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man 131, youre such a bitch. Stop judging people when you dont know shit about them you stupid **** ass bitch

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138, im a guy i cant be a ****. get a dictionary kiddo

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137- to...many....misspelled...words.... O.e *twitches*

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140 you can't be called a **** but you could be called a douce bag, asshole, dick, and more.

mshoes12346 3

Iron chef just because you are so insecure about yourself doesn't mean it's cool to make fun of other peoples pictures.

KingDingALing 9

lmao 147. ****, my reply to that ********, iron whatever, didnt show up

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147 u can be called a wannabe gangster.

iron_chefITALY 0

149, we already went over this kid i just dont like ugly people 140, u look a greasy haired teenager,

I think we all agree that iron is nominated as biggest douche in the universe award!!

Lmaoo you just insulted you self, idiot. glad we're on the same page.

kidsanchez1 4

152 you could call me that but I don't act like a gangster. and I only act like myself

FFML_314 11

Iron, you could never look half as good as me. Not only am I a pretty girl (along with the rest of the girls in this thread) but my wit, charm and intelligence will take me far enough in life to be powerful enough to make you disappear.

Um @77 SHE has BOOBs and people like that hair style now-a-days. Her name might be SAMantha and I'm 5"2 and I look like a damn 11 year old and the sad part is I'm 20z :P

ffml I better be careful not to piss you off then. 

Dude you're wrong if you think I give a shit about what a no life troll thinks about me. Besides I don't have greasy hair... but I am a teenager. You're bot very good at making fun of people.

iron before you insult people, you might wanna make sure you use the right number... dumbass

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159, the pound just called they said a female dog just escaped and to watch out, 161, remind me why i care, 163 learn to read i said 140 had greasy hair not you. 164 go die

ohthebloodygore 16

What?! I'm just pretty. Lower my self-esteem.

haha wowz... what's the point? btw OP kids do it while they know they can still get away with it! >.>

kidsanchez1 4

167 they also said guito douche bag on the loose

Dude you really need to get some better hobbies. I bet if you met any of us in real life you wouldn't say shit.

161 haha im almost as tall as you im 5'1

@167-You sir are a disgrace insulting these beautiful girls... also for derailing this FML with your overinflated ego

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170, they also said an eletrictonic stealing hispanic escaped from jail and to lock the doors, 172, i would say what i said to sam-the-man to her face infront of her mother in a church. 174, you are a discrace for looking like a monkey with downs syndrome

you are going to he'll when you die. and everyone will dance on your grave

iron_chefITALY 0

sorry 177 I don't know where he'll is

108 my point was that you take it you sayin that miss sam and me are ugly confirme the fact that you're a doucheFag!!!!

176 i would love for you to say it to my face

iron_chefITALY 0

179 i would because Im not a scared little puss like you.. garenteed.

kidsanchez1 4

176 wow you went with a sterio type I got money.

@176-Oh snap brah its on, shit about to get real up in here!

iron_chefITALY 0

182, come to my house and ill tell you how i really feel about ur flat chest, 184, did i ask u? 185, thats cool. sorry to all you no-lifes but i have to go to work tomorrow so if you wish to argue with me further just PM me and you will be sorry =] night haters

kidsanchez1 4

186 no but you calling me an eletronic robber and it doesn't matter if she flat chested

Sleep tight buddy. Please don't come back.

He won't be back for a while. He's got a big day at abercrombie and fitch

IRON STFU U GUIDO GO GTL DUDE!!!!! ur f'in sexist ugly nd fake now stop talkin crap cuz ur not cool

haha he probably will come back cause thats all he can do in life is talk shit on the internet =] and his boobs are probably bigger than my B's

sam ur not a guy at all tht f'in guido needs to go hit a girl or fist pump to cool dwn xD

i dont think he needs to hit a girl lmao. ill hit him though, I'm just the right height to hit him in the balls

did anyone notice that stupified's random number hit the flamer?

lol iron is such a douche...don't listen Sam your pretty :)

haha well thank you all for having my back

FFML_314 11

Jessi it's in your best interest to step put of this conversation.

I'm not trying to start anything I just know he's not gay that's all =

Face it he's about as straight as his hat. :/

bigblue95 0

huh gasp ffml finally made a mistake in her sentence yayayayayay. lol. i do believe y mean step out. learn to proof read. unless u meant to say that. then i look like that ritard iron.

Graawr 7

Guys relax, if you don't want to be more insulted just stop replying. No matter how much you try to insult iron he will never stop. You're just wasting you're time, this is the internet for god's sake.

kidsanchez1 4

I bet he's going to come back tommorow he will probly make a new account

ohthebloodygore 16

214, you shouldn't tell people to proof read when apparently you can't do it. Learn to spell.

christa953 12

5 is cute :) I'm Italian too!!! it's awesome

bigblue95 0

214 the point was ffml goes around correcting ppl all the time. it was jus funny to see her mess up. and if u cldnt see that it was meant to be read in a joking tone ur an idiot. jk idk u

Holy shet. This took a while to read. Ilmatic2, when did I ever make fun of 30s looks? I just thought that her comeback was lame. I also didn't say anyone was ugly. In this thread or the other. Please look before you misjudge. Have a good night.

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wow why must you make gun of these girls? so they may be virgins, that's their prerogative and life, and as for their looks.. I would kill to look them. but I'm sure bow you'll have some smart ass comment about that too. god some people really need to take a look at themselves

ohthebloodygore 16

226, it's funny how you can't see how she's actually helping you by correcting you.

228- I don't remember saying anything to you...

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What did I do =( You two aren't ugly btw

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Well, though i agree with her 100%, Sam's pic is also on google quite a bit. Op-YDI for not being a large oak tree.

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235 my picture is on google? ive never seen it on there.

what? I think sammiller is pretty cute ...

167 you look like a fag who sucks guys dicks all day

KiddNYC1O 20

umm yeah, 216 said it all. smh

BuckTeeth_12 0

u nasty bitch!!!!! y the **** would u take him in the girls b-room w. u in the 1st palce?? poor kid had to smell dat shit. (ps., stop threadjacking u dumb *****!!!!!!!!!)

Schizomaniac 24

244, you just threadjacked, you moron.

Tasanasanta 0

What did I do to you =( and you aren't ugly

#74s comment just made me laugh for about 5 minutes straight. and Sam no worries no one shares the same views as that guy.

#98 win win win winniest win of all the wins.

FFML_314 11

It's called a typo. You can't get pleasure from correcting someone when the mistake was unintentional. I'm on my iPod and the p is next to the o. :]

bigblue95 0

i realize that ppl. i was JOKING. oh btw how come the im using the ipod excuse works for u and not me :(. anyway i actually apprieciate. her corrections when need if ur insulting someone do it right. did i spell apprieciate right?

238 are u seriously 20? damn that's too old for me I love girls with your hair small body and just short it's the best sorry to creep on you but ya I'm only 14 :P also I like your piercings :) k bye

SaintE_fml 0

damn it haha u seem like a fun person to talk to but I'm but gonna ask for your number haha that's too far sooooo haha

argh I meant not* not gonna haha sorry my iPods slightly dumb

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I love how nobody talks about the FML and just starts a fight :P

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that conversation between sammiller and ironchef is a FAIL I doubt either of them are over 16 with how mature they are

TaylorTotsYumm 10

I think that iron bloke was banned.. :D

Prodigy7 4

Nice to see that whole damn useless argument is gone. Sorry to all those lame enough to participate in it, your efforts have been in vain.

LeighMoreno 0

#63 - I don't know if you're actually serious..

Prodigy7 4

Leigh, from the image I get of him while reading his comment, I would say he's serious.

LeighMoreno 0

Mhm, Prodigy I'd have to agree with you. This would be so much easier if they had a picture. :/

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I wake up smoking diesel, go to sleep smoking diesel, changed my name to sour and my last name diesel !

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at least its not as bad as this, Today, I was in a public restroom with my 4 year old daughter. I took her in the stall with me, and as I was using the restroom she looked down and loudly asked, "Mommy! Why do you have a beard on your peepee?!!" Then I heard everybody in the stalls next to us laughing. FML

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lol same thing I was thinking .

term164 0

lol same thing I was thinking .

there are definitely times when you need to keep that honesty to yourself

hes a liar. We all no females cannot poop

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stupified has made a valid point.

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hahaha ******* idiot... fix ur hat and put on a shirt u fag

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266 no zac efron is quote on quote attactive.

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Wow... First comment moderated... Failtastic

how can a five year-old pronounce diarrhea?! Sounds like a fake fml to me

i meant how does he know the word, sorry for my bad english

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ikr. whats with all these kids yelling at grocery stores?

Since Adam and Eve ate the apple on the forbidden tree. :P Nice son you got yurself dere ma'am!

I work at a grocery store and it's honestly ridiculous how parents let their kids yell and freak out in public! the parents need a lesson on discipline

diarriah diarriah, some people think it's funny but it's really brown and runny diarriah.

It comes out your bum like a bullet in a gun? xD

Wow that was cheesy, thinking of that must of been easy. ^NiceGuyz^

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wow, gotta live your kids..!"/

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