By LoveYouTooMa - 20/06/2010 04:11 - United States

Today, I wasn't feeling too well and consequently threw up. In an effort to get some sympathy, I told my mom about what happened. Rather than trying to make me feel better, she yelled at me because I threw up in the bathroom sink "when the damn toilet is two feet away." Thanks mom. FML
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I woulda been pissed too. doesn't take much effort to pull up a toilet seat and then flush it rather then cleaning the sink.

yarbles 3

i agree, cleaning up sink puke is a bitch. you should throw up on her


knibbsy 4

At least you didn't throw up in the kitchen, in mom's homemade fruit salad.

ydi for not feeling well

y is no1 replying to no1 and his fruit salad

knibbsy 4

Hopefully because everyone realized that replying to the first comment just to "get noticed" is the worst form of trolling, not to mention annoying and stupid as hell, and has resulted in numerous accounts being banned.

threadjacking ftw

atticuz 2

You mad, bro?

knibbsy 4

Well I ain't glad.

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all jokes aside, that sounds like something my ex wife would say, right before she said to go clean it up yourself.

well shit she was right! why the **** would you wannna clog a drain with vomit then use a toilet? Ydi

10 - why does that even bother you? It's not like it affects your life in any way. Well, unless FML is your life, in which case you now have a reason to submit one yourself. Just like the people that get mad at people saying first. The only reason they even say it is to piss people like you off cause it's funny that people actually care. OT: OP the toilet was 2 feet away...

"Today, I posted an FML using a madeup word "consequentially" instead of "consequently". FML"

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Retard it's two feet away. I'm sure you can hol it for half a second.

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why hasn't anyone noted yet on how ignorant #7 is?

Ur mom = right U = wrong nuff said

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mwahahha your mom sounds awsome

ydi for fishing for sympathy

your mom shoulda been in the kitchen, not yelling at you. tighten her chain!

dan13mey 0

you're a dumbass. why didn't you go for the toilet?

obvious sarcasm ...

lol my sister did that one and my mom was okay w/it and I pick all the strawberries out of fruit salads : ) ( :

umm I agree with your mom. it's two feet away and then you can FLUSH. now you have to clean it up...

Why would she deserve it? It's the sink! I throw up in the toilet and when there's no toilet around I use the sink. If the sink is closer, I use the sink. Why make a big deal of it?

Sink, toilet. Shoulda just gone in the shower.

agreed I think it's messed up when people throw up in sinks. sick sry

jade567 0

…I throw up in the sink once because I COULDNT make it to the toilet to spew my vomit...and my mom was totally understanding. FML OP.

I actually agree with the mom on this one...

31- Not to be rude but what you said is pretty wrong. People reply to first because they want attention and I like most people in Fml hate that. Even if I'm the last one I will not do that. Now I do not have a problem with people saying first that I don't mind.

haha OP, I've done the same thing... FYL

Better the sink than the floor, darling. But sadly, some parents don't seem to care and bake a big deal about it anyways.

superbadd 0

yeah I agree

I baked me a big deal. I baked a casserole out of it. anyway op was a lazy ass big ****** deal he's sick doesn't give him a free pass to make a mess he's no a baby

MrsxStewart 4

Put some pants on, Superbadd. Sheesh

derpina72 23

Have you ever cleaned a sink full of vomit??? My drunk ass husband clogged our bathroom sink with vomit once, and he was so drunk, I had to clean it. I had to take a plastic cup AND SCOOP VOMIT from the sink to the toilet till it was empty and then I could clean the chunks put with a ton of papertowels. So no, OP'S mom isn't overreacting.

your mom doesn't deserve you.

GothKitty19 0

Hey even if she would've made it to the toilet,her mom still might've yelled at her cause she wanted sympathy.

yarbles 3

i agree, cleaning up sink puke is a bitch. you should throw up on her

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my mom does that too

You can have some sympathy from me. Because I don't feel too great either.

I woulda been pissed too. doesn't take much effort to pull up a toilet seat and then flush it rather then cleaning the sink.

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6 - Sometimes you can't hold the puke in long enough for that. Would you rather it splattered all over the floor or intact in the sink? Which is a lot easier to clean.

the toilet is probably less than 2 feet away. if you've already made it that far, I'm sure you can take 2 more steps.

It's easier to clean puke off the floor than to unclog a sink.

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heehee modded this one too

oh wow, don't use the sympathy card next time, sometimes it won't work.

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well she does have a point... but still im sorry :(

Your mother is kinda right.. Some people wash in the sink D: