By Lindora - Canada - Richmond Hill
Today, I was kicked out of an Ed Sheeran concert because my friend arrived wasted on chardonnay. She didn't care because it was her 17th time seeing him. This was my 1st time seeing him and 1st time being kicked out of a place. I was dead sober. FML
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Me, and countless others, chief. And there's been a fair few famous musicians that have derided the state of modern music, but they don't mention the artists by name in order to maintain their brand.

By  Nadine  |  21

The FML here is on your friend, for having seen Ed Sheeran 17 times.

I don't have anything against him, but there's definitely better music out there. Homeboy is not worth more than 2 shows.

  chyiochan  |  31

While I agree with disliking his music, hating on someone else's taste in music is really rude. It's almost the same as making fun of the way someone laughs. You can't help what you like. People have certain tastes and preferences, and slamming them because you think it sucks is a shitty thing to do.