By rkl2010 - 23/05/2010 18:02 - United States

Today, when I went to pick up my daughter from preschool, I found out she'd "accidentally" tried to flush her clothes down the toilet while going to the bathroom. FML
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AnAngryGorrilla 0

Mini Streaker?

no toilet paper? smart girl


christa953 12

were the clothes that ugly that they belonged in the toilet (jk)? and I've never heard anything like this before...hahahah


meh, kids will be kids. it happens. not really a fml IMO lol

what did you make her wear? It must have been pretty bad

no no no. come back here in 10 years and post a FML when your daughter becomes a stripper.

wooo. ^ hehe your daughter likes to take her clothes off already!?

deathcab ur pretty :)

littlemissdqgirl 8

Maybe she had an accident and was trying to hide it by flushing her clothes? Hmmm.... idk, but kids will be kids.

GoSmegma 0

Wow, such a travesty! I admire your strength... I would probably off myself if I were the one involved in that unfortunate incident. :-)

i don't see why this is an fml. it definately sucks but kids are kids. they do crazy shit

themanhw 0

whoa 59 is hawwwt

lol wtf this is fml wtf yhu talkinq bout yo daughter life wtf no one care if yhu embaressed

lebronesque73091 12

That's pretty funny, actually.

You know, dictionaries exist.

1LL337 0


Your daughter is going to be a stripper.

Did she leave school naked?

naked preschoolers is such a big deal

it's a very common accident.

RachelTheLoser 0

hahaha that's funny! xD damn, that says ALOT bout yer daughter OP ;D

it's annoying that this fake fml got posted when real ones could and should be posted in it's place.

17 not really she is only a preschooler.

how can you "accidently try" to do something?

itz_towelie 6

That's why OP put accidently in quotes

rohosoccer08 1

haha kids do the darndest things! lol

Haha just hope she dosn't "accidentally" flush something expensive down the toilet.

#10, pedobear would love it

olivesaur 0

that's stupid. preschoolers are kids, kids don't know what's right and wrong ; you are just not an understanding person. it's a kid thing.

epoh_fml 0

olivesaur--my daughter is 2 1/2 and knows better.

how can u accidentally try??

it was prob her response, "but it was just an accident."

rohosoccer--u have such a great eye color mine are brown :(

#48 ....How can you "intentionally" ask the same dumbass question that has already been answered under the exact comment ur replying to?

AnAngryGorrilla 0

Mini Streaker?

that's Parenting FAIL

Attention seeker.

this girl looks familiar... O_o

Please tell me she is in a "special," preschool...

no toilet paper? smart girl

Ummm... Okay? That's not an FML... Kids do that. That's not a big deal...

Oh wow...So how'd you find out? Did the teacher tell you or did you find her wandering the classroom in just her socks? X)

karlita2244 0

that sucks

sourgirl101 28

Most pre-school teachers have an extra change of clothes just in case a child does have an accident. I hope you didn't find your daughter nude.


beat it with a tampon box..problem solved :)

killabee 0

She probably had an accident and got her clothes dirty, then she was embarrassed so she tried to get rid of them and it made it worse. :( When I was little (about preschool age) I tried to throw away my pajama pants once cause I wet the bed. In the trash though, wonder why she picked flushing?

monkeygirl92 0

She must of thought - water=clean?

robinsn 0

as someone else said, she was trying to do the laundry good girl