By INeedaNewJob - 16/11/2014 23:25 - United States - Kent

Today, my wife received a $15,000 bonus from her work. I got a backpack from mine. FML
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If only your backpack was filled with $15000.

let her be your sugar momma for a bit!


let her be your sugar momma for a bit!

incoherentrmblr 21

I doubt that's going to happen...

Dreamsorrow93 24

I hope it was a really nice backpack.....

muis545 21

This may be part of something bigger than you realize!

Is that bonus-- part of her salary? That could be a good or bad thing.

I don't think you understand what a bonus is

Bonuses can be locked in as part of your salary contract. Some people have a guaranteed bonus of x percent per year. Usually, however, that's reserved for high skilled or government employees.

If an employee's contract with the employer lists a specific amount that the employee will receive as a bonus, the bonus will be considered part of the employee's wages

#31 is right about bonuses being expected or even guaranteed in some jobs, but it's not just limited to government. I know someone in finance; in his job, annual bonus is performance-based but an expected part of compensation, and can be ~1-3x salary.

That's why 31 said "high skilled or government." Your friend would fall under the "high skilled" category.

They gave you a diamond?! All they did was hit me with a rock. Then, they picked it up and took it with them, so I wouldn't think it was a gift.

I remember watching charlie brown as a kid.

Hey, at least you got something! It's the thought that counts.. Right?

DianaFrances411 13

Oh OP you should be happy and proud that your wife is so hard working and has the potential to do great things. You're married.. So in one way her money is also yours. I'm sure she'll share it with you. I hope you like your back pack.

Being married means your money is hers and her money is hers. That is how marriage works lol.

Ianamis 6

The reasons he is annoyed is her bosses gave her a huge check his are so cheap he gets a backpack.

drayloon 50

Imagine all the backpacks she could buy...