By sleepy - 23/05/2011 04:57 - United States

Today, as I was standing in the checkout line in a store, my six year-old daughter proudly announced to everyone that I fell asleep on the toilet last night. FML
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hehe not so bad.. he could have caught you doing something else...


I once fell asleep on meg once... which come to of it was quite nice, except when something kept poking me all night.

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... You mean kitchen... Fell asleep in the kitchen. Women, sigh... Give them a finger and they'll try to eat the hand

YDI for falling asleep on the toilet. What are you, three?

Atleast your daughter didn't say, "Mommy was in a shitty situation last night." 

I actually once woke up on the toilet mid peeing and fell back asleep then woke up back in bed.... I pretty much sleepwalked to the toilet and went

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Were you having a shitty night?

40. you wouldn't be on the toilet if you were Puking into it. think then post.

ah kids say the most funny things sometimes.

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44--"tummy problems" can also mean diarrhea

what's op complaining about? it's good for kids to be proud of their parents ^_^

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40/48 - what? She wouldn't be puking if she fell asleep ON the toilet.

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Are you three? look at your username.

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I guess you can say op was *puts on sunglasses* a little flushed

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lovly kid look at the bright side op's kid is not a liar

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she just passed out pushing the biggest shit of her life out

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thatd be true if she was black ;)

hehe not so bad.. he could have caught you doing something else...

47 it is clearly not mightymart in his pic. He is a mr and it is a joke. Largest 4G network t shirt on a fat person.

That terribly cute, at least as long as she's not telling everybody about all the stuff that embaresses ME.

I've fallen asleep standing up in the shower. it was only for like 5 minutes. there's nothing wrong with sleeping on the toilet.

But if you're on the toilet, how do you stand the putrid stench of your shit?

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not everyone ***** every time they're on the toilet

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omg who lied to u lmaoooo u obviously didnt see too girls one cup lmaoooo ud die!!!

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aa 55 ya they do. I really hope you were kidding..

yeah im pretty sure all of us have done that at one point or another

kids say the darndest but seriously you need to invest ina bathroom lock.

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someone had a rough night?

It's okay if you're a big time crapper, just don't fall asleep and be a big time napper!

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She could've caught you in your room doing something else . . . .