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By TacoFail - 02/01/2010 04:46 - United States

Today, I went through the Taco Bell drive through. The lady at the window handed me my food and receipt. In a moment of insanity, I threw the receipt at the cashier and yelled, "WOOHOO!" I attempted to burn rubber and get the hell out of dodge, only to remember my car was in park. FML
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Stop complaining. Be happy it wasn't in R.

umm this is the reason it should be legal to execute people..

ydi for trying to be a rude asshole. no;; you accomplished that one. soo ydi for trying to be cool. you're a retard(:

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You people need to take a ****** joke and have some fun for once in your lives. I'm prepared to be thumbed down but this is something I would try. For those of you that say,"think how the cashier would feel," if I were in either pesons place I would be laughing my ass off. That's the truth and you can take it however you want to.

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ahaha.. fail. Thats called karma. It's a bitch.. eh?

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no...that adds to the epic fail. He had the receipt and had already paid...he just decided to be a crazy asshole for NO reason.

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Yeah, you totally deserved it, but whatever it made me laiugh.

No, it sounds like he paid for his food (because he got a receipt), so he was basically just being a psycho/asshole, and so ya, he deserved the embarrassment :-P

#16, you're a douchebag. Although tone is not conveyed through the text, any idiot could guess I was being sarcastic.

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If it makes you feel better, I understood your sarcasm. And then I laughed at the kid that didn't.