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Today, my first girlfriend of over 3 years left me for another guy. She said she's looking for someone who can financially provide for her in the future. The dude owns a T-Mobile kiosk. I'm going to medical school. FML
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in a way, i can kinda see the gf's opinion. he's going to be way out of money during and maybe a few years after med school. 1.) OP has to pay for school. 2.) interns don't get paid too well. 3.) OP has to afford food and supplies. in a way, she kind of is thinking in the long run. she knows that it's going to take years (maybe 15+) before they can get married and have a nice wedding and all. she's saving herself and OP pain in the future. i think she wanted to give him and her both a clean break.

then again, she could stay with him and wait a VERY long time before he can provide her finanically. however, she'd be risking a more painful heartbreak in the future.

  EpicFailML  |  0

I have to agree with 277. Doctors in many fields get paid well, but the return of investment for the education takes quite a while to kick in. I know from personal experience college and 4 years of medical school can put you at least $160,000+ in debt for most people, and that's not bad compared to many doctors I know. And as 277 pointed out, residency (which is at least 3 years- more for non-PCPs) pays $50,000ish per year. She's probably referring to providing financially in the near future... the "near future" being the next 10-15 years.

  munchkin10014  |  0

I do see 277's point, but I'm going to have to say that I disagree. OP's gf probably didn't take into account what 277 mentioned, but rather probably made some lame-ass excuse.

  kfchiken  |  0

med school takes max 13 to specialize and most universities use the own med student to fill job opening and when op is finished he'll make all the money the other guy made in that time with his first paycheck . point is either way you look at she's a dumb ass

  Chickenlips21  |  13

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  riax  |  9

It is actually the business industry that earns the most money, though of course there is a high salary with being a doctor, it's a steady income.

  amyrules99  |  7

I agree with #3 she might have left you because the other guy has a job now whereas you are going to school then getting a job but as of right now you are jobless

By  ShadowOfThunder  |  0

You think she'll figure out what financial provision means when you're a full fledged doctor and he's still selling phones from a kiosk? Anyway, I doubt she's just that stupid, maybe she was just thinking of a nice way of telling you the sex was better with the other guy :P

  havingalaugh  |  9

A kiosk owner for a cell phone company actually makes really good money. If has a halfway decent kiosk he's probably making 150k plus a year depending on how much traffic he gets. So not only does he make good money but he doesn't have to pay back any student loans