By feels like an asshole - 09/06/2015 20:03 - United States

Today, I took new sleeping meds. One of the side effects was sleepwalking. I had a dream my girlfriend wanted me to pee on her. Apparently, while sleepwalking, I pissed all over our dog. FML
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At least your girlfriend knows you are willing to pee on her when she asks.


At least your girlfriend knows you are willing to pee on her when she asks.

At least it wasn't his girlfriend he peed on.

Are you fureal man?! I'd be pissed if you did that to me. And I know girls like getting wet but I think you really need to get your mind out of the sewers.. FY Dog's life. At least you didn't dream she wanted your to shit on her...

It's a fetish called Urophilia. It's alright if you don't want to be pissed on (it wouldn't be called a fetish if a lot of people practised it), but there's no need to push your views on others. As long as both (or more) partners participating like it, it doesn't harm anyone so just let them have fun!

That poor dog oh my God. Couldn't have done anything to deserve that.

it's sounds like Ambien that stuff naked you do pretty loopy stuff you should be careful until your body adjusts don't fight your sleep it makes it worse.

Not always Ambien. Zopiclone makes me sleep walk, sleep text, sleep phone people, and most recently sleep work.

Lol that makes me wonder how bad your next dream will be

Sounds like urine a very bad predicament.

You know what? I have to give hat one to you. *slow clap*

I'd say the good thing here is that you didn't target your girlfriend, that would have resulted in your permanent banishment to the couch. I feel for you and your dog though, hope you're doing well.

I think you should admit that it's actually quite funny ;) maybe find a solution to the sleepwalking though..