By WTF - 15/10/2015 04:43 - United States - Bloomington

Today, I was dumped by my girlfriend because she wanted to be with a man who has an income and a stable career. We are seniors in college and I accepted a really good job offer which I start once I graduate, which she knows about. She dumped me for a drug dealer. FML
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Why are you complaining about? You'll have a good job, money and a girl who will be better than this one (better be single now than after).

Her loss, you can do better.


Her loss, you can do better.

Unless by drug dealer she means doctor

The better joke is pharmacist, but nice try

She'll come a crawling back once he lands his ass in jail.

#76 arrested for being a pharmacist? haha

Maybe Dr. Feelgood

Street pharmacist xD

she will probably crawl back to you, but you should reject her.

With a sarcastic, and midly evil grin on your face while saying no.

She just wants the bad boy experience OP. Don't let her come back to you.

The bad boy experience is totally overrated. Briefly dated a coke dealer and it was pretty normal except for the fact that he sold coke. We went on dates and did other normal couple-ish things. It's not like he was running around shooting people and running from the cops every other day.

Someone watched too much Narcos on Netflix...

Or braking bad

Braking Bad: Where people don't have anti lock brakes and are placed in dangerous situations in that they need to brake effectively.

or spell check.

you are way better off. it sucks and I know it hurts, but you will land on your feet

In this case who says crime does not pay.

Lol, no judge would have the balls to jail him. Not these days anyway.

You must be pretty stupid to think that

LOL. OP and I are from Indiana, and yes, drug dealers are jailed here all the time. Kind of odd you would make an assumption about the American criminal justice system given that your profile says you are in Australia.

you're a fucking idiot. my bf catches criminals for a living and he hauls off druggies all the time. they are actually his biggest money makers. smh

Be glad she showed her true colors now. You dodged a big one.

It was obviously just an excuse. She's an idiot and you'll find someone better.

Don't worry OP she might have fun temporarily with the drug dealer, but eventually she will waste her whole life in a pointless future.

Soon, it'll be her life that sucks.

OP's ex is digging for gold where it will soon run dry. Her loss.

Why are you complaining about? You'll have a good job, money and a girl who will be better than this one (better be single now than after).

What exactly says he will have a better girl? Or any other one for that matter?

I feel like OP is just a little shocked about her odd reasoning for breaking up with him when he had everything she claimed to break up with him for