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Today, the girl I have been dating for the past couple months broke it off with me. She said she's tired of waiting around for me and being ignored in the mean time. I'm sorry, I shouldn't have been so greedy as to finish my 2 degrees and work 2 jobs to pay for my school. How selfish of me. FML
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it's for the better, you have no time for a relationship anyway. soooo.... why even start one if you are going to be nonexistant? two jobs and college, that gotta suck.

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you really shouldn't be dating at all think abt it from her point of view she never sees you and your gone all hours how is a realiatuonship like that supposed to work? you weren't selfish but she wasn't your priority andshe felt like she needed to be. she shouldve come talk to you but she didn't so now it's time to move on


Look at it this way: consider yourself lucky you didn't get stuck with someone like that for any longer.

be glad you didn't waste another day with that self-centered bitch

agreed with 18. This is a good thing, not an FML.

Yes, by definition, that IS selfish. Own it.

ya I agree with 18 too

I agree with 18. This isn't a bad thing for you, because when you do get your degrees, you'll be making an assload of money and can easily find someone worth your time. So, in a good way YDI, and FHL for being an impatient bitch. しねよ。

Kill her with your two degrees, than cover her in cheese and sprinkle bacon on top. Stick chopsticks randomly around the body and import a Komodo dragon to guard the corpse. The police will literraly have no idea what to do, and you will send a message to all femanons of the danger of being a total bitch.

dude you are a ******* genius

I agree with #4 she is evil. get a better woman

dgv 13

#66 WIN!!!

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It's true. you decided to succeed rather than give all your time to some broad who's selfish herself.

woohoo go 66 u r a freaking genius! absolutely brilliant idea!

66, you are a ******* genius

umm I'm a dude an dusually agree with the guy... but why did you get a gf if you knew you wouldn't have any time free to spend with her?

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what an idiot you are

I agree with # 18 as well. You should be with someone who supports you.

# 32 are you perhaps one of those whiny bitches. what if someone broke up with you because you were try to make both your lives better? Who's selfish now?

I agree with #4. YDI since you got free from a psycho and didn't need to move a finger.

instead of breaking up with you, she could get all "I do not need this! My man has TWO JOBS!

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how is that selfish #32? he is trying to have a good future and his girlfriend is being a bitch about it. I can not belive how many people voted YDI

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tell her to go back to her job at mcdonalds I agree with number 1 though I feel bad for u

Shes an impatient *****. You should have dumped her.

I wouldn't call her self centered. He seems like he has almost zero time for her, in which case he shouldn't even be in a relationship in the first place.

I agree with 211. if he's too busy to see her he shouldn't be in a relationship.

true **** that. But dont Date if you have no time for it

4 said it 1st yet every1 agrees with 18 xp

your so selfish quit ur jobs and school!

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YDI for making her wait on you without giving her the slightest attention. You shouldn't be dating if you're that busy anyway, moron.

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i agree

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aww tht sucks

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I fail to see how she is "needy". Are you kidding me?

She's expecting him to put his future and his passions on hold to listen to her banal garbage. She's an idiot for not realizing the first fact about dating someone with actual ambition and a life of their own: that they have a life of their own and you have to respect that. Seriously, if she wanted some guy to "devote" himself to her, she should have found someone boring and lazy with nothing better to do with his time instead of a driven intellectual. Chances are that she is nowhere near as driven as OP; she probably half-asses her education (if she even goes to school) and works at a job that doesn't matter (if she even has a job at all). This is why relationships between go-getters and no-lives are a bad idea; the no-life won't be able to comprehend the fact that the go-getter has more important things going on in their life than some clingy, co-dependent relationship and will probably get insulted because their partner's career/education/projects/life come first and relationships comes second.

167: who said anything about being a workaholic? Passions and ambitions can include academic and intellectual pursuits, it's not ALL about making money. And yes, the go-getter is the better person. Far too many people in this society are content with their shitty, mediocre selves and shitty mediocre lives that have no meaning and leave no legacy. God forbid that someone should devote time and effort to improving themselves and improving their life. No, just drop out, half-ass your shitty meaningless job in the cubicle farm, get married in your early 20s to someone whose presence bores you to tears, limit your hobbies and passions to TV sports, muscle cars and clothes shopping, never travel anywhere that doesn't have a beachfront hotel and a buffet, spit out your 2.3 children as soon as you get married, divorce once you ship your kids off to Mediocrity U to major in drinking and troll the internet looking for other dysfunctional, boring people to date after a decade of involuntary celibacy. If you're lucky, you'll marry someone new after 3 months of dating that your grown children despise. You'll move to a gated community in Florida to live out the rest of your days bitching about "minorities" with other old people whose only purpose in life is to pointlessly continue their existence for another couple decades. The new wife will die of an obesity-related illness and you'll wander the halls of the local high school telling all the girls that you're available. No-one will question this since you're old and therefore allowed to be a creepy ****. Follow the script. Your life will be MUCH better than if you actually thought for yourself and pursued your ambitions.

Dr. Norman Bethune. One of the greatest human beings who ever lived; he brought modern medicine to China and devoted himself entirely to saving the lives of his adopted countrymen. Until very recently, he was revered in China; the man who almost single-handedly liberated China from the Japanese and then from the Nationalist warlords with his battlefield medicine. Performed countless thousands of operations with whatever tools he had available. The biggest ******* badass of all time; he once operated patient after patient for 69 hours straight. When he had tuberculosis, he burst into the operating room and demanded the surgeons perform an experimental procedure (I can't remember exactly what it was but it involved air pressure changes in the lungs) that he had just developed and had never before been done. It worked like a charm. Practically directed his own surgery; he punched Death is the balls. Again and again and again. Saved countless thousands of lives with the most rudimentary of tools while living in the middle of the ******* mountains with Chairman Mao. Saved millions more with his research (most of it done just for the hell of it because he was a ******* champ) and by playing a major role in the development of new surgical techniques, treatments, and political campaigning to establish universal healthcare in Canada (although Tommy Douglas deserves a great deal of the credit for that as well, he was nowhere near as badass and heroic a person as Norman Bethune). When Nazis broke into his house and wrecked his shit, he fought even harder for universal healthcare, and when that shitstain William Lyon Mackenzie King made it illegal to fight for the Republicans in the Spanish Civil War (appeasing Hitler was all the rage back in 1936) he told the government to **** themselves and went anyway, saving the lives of countless thousands of freedom fighters on the front lines. He probably broke into Franco's house and ****** his wife too because he was a champ like that. The Canadian government refused to recognize his accomplishments for almost 40 years after his death because he was a Communist, but he probably wouldn't give a **** and would've just carried on performing 69 straight hours of surgery in between pioneering medical breakthroughs and punching Spanish Fascists and Japanese Imperialists in the face. Simone de Beauvoir and Jean-Paul Sartre. The King and Queen of existentialist philosophy, the biggest ballers of the 20th century. Wrote thousands of pages of wisdom, taught for several decades. Took active roles in the French civil rights movements, particularly the feminist movement. Simone de Beauvoir especially was instrumental in the victory for abortion rights. Lovers and colleagues, they were the It Couple of the French intelligentsia. Never limited themselves to each other; they had many other lovers and ****** like champs in between collaborating on philosophical masterpieces. Those people were successful. THAT'S what people should emulate, not whiny OP's girlfriend who wants too hold him back and shit on his dreams.

@a_borshunist - whilst it's good that you have ambition and want everyone else to share it with you, what happens when EVERYONE has ambition? There will always be those who end up in the lowest end jobs, and quite frankly we need some people to fill those jobs. Also, whilst you might not agree with the girl, can't you understand why she wanted out? (you might have mentioned this at one point in your many posts, but it became buried under the lecture about ambition)

Oh I don't blame her for wanting out. She's a loser and losers tend to prefer to date other losers. Also, if everyone had ambition? That would be wonderful. We'd have accountable politicians, scientific progress, an end to disease, poverty and hunger, innovation in business, diversity in political opinion, a better public education system, better and more accessible healthcare, reduced military spending, an end to drug prohibition, an end to police corruption, better, more intellectually stimulating popular media, the list goes on... And if some people lose out and fail despite their best efforts? That already happens anyway: education costs thousands upon thousands of dollars, any neighbourhood in any city worth living in will cost you $900/month for a glorified dorm room, most high-paying, highly autonomous jobs within major corporations are awarded according to networking ability and personal favour rather than actual merit, transit is grossly underfunded and overcrowded (seriously, $3 each way to stand with your face shoved against some guy's shoulder for 40 minutes... and they're planning on extending the lines to bring in more people from the suburbs to further overcrowd the downtown rather than building the Queen line, they've been waffling on that for 60 ******* years) while gas is expensive and the highway system is poorly designed, and biking downtown is a deathtrap -- you just can't win with transportation costs, the government keeps peeling away regulation from the natural gas industry, driving the cost of not freezing to death for 4 months of the year up.

Tell me where in the FML it states she has no life goals/ambitions? Where does it say that she's not also doing a degree that takes up most of her time, or a job likewise? They could just have had opposite scheduals. So you cannot call her a loser based on the information availiable. And as for the various things that would happen if everyone had ambition, what do you call ambitious? Earning as much as you possibly can to afford the high life? Doing a job you absolutely love and enjoying your life fully? Half the things you described would only happen if all the people in those areas were exactly the same, not if they all had the same ambition to get where they are (I'll give you the exception on things like political diversity, but I'm not going to get into politics, it's not an area I understand too well). Higher ambition will not lower things like corruption, not if ambition involves just thinking about yourself and not giving anything about anyone else around you. Getting decent people into the jobs that can prevent it will. I'm not even sure why you're telling me people already fail and then going into how the transport system is bad and it costs a fortune to live places. I can't see how the last bit is relevent. My point wasn't about failing, my point was really me asking why we should drive everyone into higher education, or drive everyone into high earning jobs when they might be ten times happier in a less well paid job? However if I'm honest what we really need is to reinstate the attitude they had in the early 20th century (I think) where it was embrassasing to get money for not working, too many people are happy on the dole rather than taking the low paid jobs, and my theory is that now we're getting told that those jobs are more embarassing just because they're the lowest of the low end jobs. I'm not sure if you're ambition theory would get people into those jobs no one really wants to do but we need doing. (apologies for the long rant, I didn't mean to get so wordy)

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#172 That post earns you the dumb ass of the year reward how many girlfriends have you had exactly 0 beacause your plans aren't going to work today tomorrow or ever. get a life

Asylum244888 0 much ad I would like to read your essay length post, kindly shut the **** up.

it's for the better, you have no time for a relationship anyway. soooo.... why even start one if you are going to be nonexistant? two jobs and college, that gotta suck.

I agree with #6. It was selfish of you to expect her to squeeze you in when it was convenient because you're working 2 jobs and going for 2 degrees. If your time was so strained and you didn't have time for a relationship, you shouldn't have been in one in the first place. YDI.

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I totally agree. She wasn't being selfish, you are just an idiot for expecting someone that barely knows you to wait around for you to have time for her. Focus on school and work if you're that busy, and take it as a blessing that she walked away.

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Exactly. If you're too busy to be in a relationship, why are you in one? Can't blame her for not wanting to be ignored. The whole world doesn't revolve around you.

this string of comments perfectly summarizes my thoughts

Ever consider the fact that maybe he got the extra work load after they started going out, and perhaps to pay for shit for her AS WELL as schooling?

Have an open relationship. Date other people, live your own life, maintain your independence and see each other every few weeks or whenever else you have time. Problem solved.

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Did any of you ever stop to consider it wasnt just HIM who decided to jump into the relationship, it was HER decision to? Stop trying to shit on op for having goals and aspirations in a time when goals and aspirations are cryptid. He deserves to have a relationship as much as anyone while pursuing his dreams, however while OP shouldn't be in a relationship with her, there are possibly others he could date that would work fantastically with him. Maybe think about the situation before mindlessly blaming the easy target?

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you really shouldn't be dating at all think abt it from her point of view she never sees you and your gone all hours how is a realiatuonship like that supposed to work? you weren't selfish but she wasn't your priority andshe felt like she needed to be. she shouldve come talk to you but she didn't so now it's time to move on

I mostly agree with #7. I DO think OP was being selfish but I think he had to be. There's nothing wrong with wanting it all but you need to understand you can't have it all. Now obviously isn't the time for you to nurture a new relationship. A long-term gf or a wife might support you in that but who wants to be in last place with someone they just started dating? You'll find someone when the time is right.

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my thoughts exactly, #7. she was feeling ignored, so she fixed the problem. that's better for OP anyway, because now he can focus on other things. they were only dating a couple months anyway, it's not like they were married or very serious. it sucks to lose someone, but this is hardly an FML.

OP's girlfriend should've understood that OP had other priorities. A relationship doesn't have to be all-consuming, it doesn't have to (and most of the time it shouldn't) come before everything else. Unfortunately, not everyone has the maturity to balance and compromise each other's pursuits and passions and work their schedules and feelings around that. If she honestly expected him to sacrifice time and money from his studies to spend time with her, she was the one being selfish and unreasonable, not him. OP's got his future to worry about, he doesn't need clingy people sidetracking him from his goals. Don't get discouraged, OP, it's all for the best. If she didn't end it, you would've had to when she became a thorn in your side later on. Keep following your dreams, dude.

They were both being selfish. A couple of months is a little soon for anyone to expect the person they're dating to sacrifice anything for the other person whether it's a job, school, or the way you'd like to be treated.

you do have time for a relationship just not one with such a needy person, look at the brightside it was only a couple of months :)

You're better off. If she can't be understanding of that situation, what would have happened when things got serious? Don't worry. As soon as you finish your degrees and find a good job, women will pop out of the woodwork and be all over you. That's what happened to me. Actually, most of them waited until I was engaged... :-)

yeah, how could you be so greedy!;) she needs to learn that the world does not revolve around her and you have other important things in your life. good thing you found out about how needy she is sooner rather than later.

yes, how selfish of her to want to see her boyfriend once in a while. Now she can find someone who already has his shit together and can spend time with her.

Yeah, better that she date someone who's already given up and resigned to a life of mediocrity than someone who devotes time and effort into improving himself. Picture this conversation: "hey boyfriend, what did you do today?" "The same thing I did every day for the last decade, I flipped burgers at McDonald's" versus "hey boyfriend what did you do today?" "*involved intellectual discussion about a variety of interesting topics and a rewarding and fascinating career*". I smell a bitter failure who's pissy that all the schools he applied to turned him down. OP's making investments here while the dude who "has his shit together" is stuck in a dead end and peaked in his early 20s.

170: low-income loser. No, but you will be something much worse: average. Mediocre. Ordinary. You might as well just shoot yourself in the head because if your entire plan for life is "go to school to get a job" you don't have much awaiting you. Nothing interesting anyway. I mean if you're satisfied with getting married and having a bunch of whiny kids and living in the suburbs and driving a car and spending all your evenings going to Top 40 nightclubs and watching American Idol, all power to you. Go right ahead and settle. At least poverty necessitates innovation and creativity; finding bargains, networking for business, starting a business from scratch, whatever. If you're middle-class and have your life set in stone, you've got nothing to live for. Either aim high and keep driving or eschew formal education and make your way around the black markets. Mediocrity is just so banal. Boring. Pointless. You might as well commit suicide; the most you can hope for is that your eulogy won't be a total cliche (lol, good luck, like that would ever happen. "Beloved father, great man, dearly missed, praise Jesus, etc. This guy was just like all the others.") PUKE. Go big or go home, mawfucka. Make yourself interesting.

exactly #183 that's what you want and you don't like being told otherwise. this is what you want to do and you wanna live that way for the rest of your life right? well same with the op he should be critized for limiting time with his gf to focus on his studies and paying for them because that's what he wants and sure he's hurt but I'm actually proud he chose life over a girl. the job I want is going to take 9 years of collage but I'm gonna do whatever it takes to accomplish my goal even if it means a few broken hearts. your judging him for wants 2 degrees but you don't know he could be your future doctor or lawyer. open your eyes people it's not selfish to have a dream

line 6 should = shouldn't line 10 wants = wanting

Exactly!! Sounds like he was the selfish one who wanted to have a girl stick around who he paid absolutely no attention too!! You can't expect for someone to want to stick by you when you don't pay attention to them only 2 months into the relationship. Sounds like a very smart dude except for when it comes to relationships


Whats your point? Thats selfish

She didn't accuse you of being greedy and selfish. She was tired of you not having any time for her. Which must be the case if you're that busy. A relationship needs time and work. So, sorry but what can you expect?

exactly, and you can't call it selfish for that reason. because a relationship needs time and work. clearly they weren't deep enough in and didn't have what it takes. SUCH IS LIFE

exactly. Did he really expect a new girl to just put her life on hold to wait for him? He seems full of himself.

exactly! YDI op for wasting ur time and $ on getting 2 degrees during a recession anyway! not like ur gonna find a job anytime soon. shoulda put more effort into ur gf!

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100: because bettering yourself is a dreadful thing to do and the recession is permanent. FACT. OP: FYL for dating someone who didn't realize that having two jobs and college would make you scarce. YDI for trying to jam a relationship in between two jobs and college.

I didn't mean bettering urself as being a bad thing, I have a teaching degree, but getting 2 right now is not the smartest or wisest way to spend $.

ShadowLor 19

I think it depends on what the degrees are for. If they're like what I'd be getting, creative writing and music, then no lol hence me not being enrolled currently. But I'm sure there's some fields out there that are hiring...personally, I'm impressed that he was able to /find/ two jobs. I'd like to think that the OP is getting degrees in fields that need him ^_^" I'm probably wrong, but I like my delusion. It is pretty.