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  boopityboppity  |  11

Be sure to check out the thrilling conclusion to the "Bonk" series (following "Bonk" and "Bonk 2: The Max") by watching the latest smash hit: "Bonk 3: Aftershock".

  I_iz_B_a_troll  |  23

Since I have no idea what I just said, I'll say it again. 36, I think you tink that I think that 4 thinks that sex is an unacceptable act, but i think that's not what I thought at all! If I could get laid I would... Probably.

  BenD0VER  |  0

Take it from me, sex IS overrated. You'll never forget your first time. The first 3-5 girls, and it's exciting. After that, it's really just same old, same old. My left hand can do a better job than half the girls I've fucked.

  MuchDance90s  |  0

Sec is great... sometimes just "very good" and other times it's amazing!

I've had sex with the same person for over 10 years, however, so that may have something to do with it. Lots of practice?

Maybe for some people who have had multiple partners it's more difficult for some people to get in sync? I have no idea.

But in my experience... it's one of my favorite activities!

  No_LoveMM  |  3

4, 36, and 56 are all either virgins, or gay.
And if they are the former, then they have no experience with it and therefore have no right to talk about it.
If they are the latter, then I understand why it is overrated to you.