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Today, I was having sex with my boyfriend, when I lifted myself up a little bit. What I was not prepared for was my boyfriend leaning down to kiss my neck. We collided heads, hard. FML
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BOOM! Headshot! Look on the bright side OP. At least you didn't decide you needed to stretch your legs. You coulda kneed him in the balls, and then no dick for you!


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That makes one hard thing in your intamcy.

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well if he was lowering his head to kiss your neck and you raised yourself up wouldn't he end up kissing your ****? just sayin ^^

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Comment Moderated? lol what did u say?

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She said YDI for not being married or something like that.

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how is that offensive? some mods are just too sensitive. /facepalm

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BOOM! Headshot! Look on the bright side OP. At least you didn't decide you needed to stretch your legs. You coulda kneed him in the balls, and then no dick for you!

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Yes, sex is a horrible act! How dare you!

26 is angry because 4 iz be trollin', and thus is encroaching on his territory.

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Really? It's irrelevant. I was making a joke.

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No, haha I was kidding. Yes, I realized you were joking. I chuckled a little.

26 I iz b joking as well, I iz b jealous virgin maby or just anti **** unless dey ****** on me den hell ya gimme dat shiit!

Since I have no idea what I just said, I'll say it again. 36, I think you tink that I think that 4 thinks that sex is an unacceptable act, but i think that's not what I thought at all! If I could get laid I would... Probably.

... Then why would you say something like that?

Take it from me, sex IS overrated. You'll never forget your first time. The first 3-5 girls, and it's exciting. After that, it's really just same old, same old. My left hand can do a better job than half the girls I've ******.

thats coz u hav neva fuked me ( but i dont think u eva will)

73 its coz u havnt slept wit me yet ( not that u ever will)

56 - Sex is overrated? I guess no guy gave it good enough to be you.. Sucks to be you :(

I'm gonna jump on this and say, if you don't have good sex partners maybe it's your fault????? this is getting irrelevant to the main topic isn't it?

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You guys have seriously been with the wrong people. Sex is so not overrated. lol

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Sec is great... sometimes just "very good" and other times it's amazing! I've had sex with the same person for over 10 years, however, so that may have something to do with it. Lots of practice? Maybe for some people who have had multiple partners it's more difficult for some people to get in sync? I have no idea. But in my experience... it's one of my favorite activities!

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haha, SEX not sec SEX SEX SEX

virgin bitch don't say sex is bad it is best thing ever

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good God, you are so beautiful (#4)

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sex is overrated for people who **** too much or just fail at sex. maybe the reason its soo bad is because of your performance.

4, 36, and 56 are all either virgins, or gay. And if they are the former, then they have no experience with it and therefore have no right to talk about it. If they are the latter, then I understand why it is overrated to you.

If you were having real fun it wouldn't have hurt. Just sayin...

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"Sex" is the most fun you can have with out laughing.

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46 your words of wisdom will stick with me forever.

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46 you're not supposed to laugh during sex? I must be doing it wrong.

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At leaste you were having sex with your boyfriend. I've never had a boyfriend fml :(