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Today, while trying to quit my horrible job at a pizza place, I got so nervous that I accidentally offered to work double my usual hours for another month. FML
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Write down a notice of resignation. If you write it out and hand it to the manager you won't be so nervous you can't speak up, and it looks more professional. Good luck OP

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That would make op look bad for other jobs.


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Imhere4fml 24

That would make op look bad for other jobs.

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Do people actually believe that not giving notice at a pizza job at 19 is going to affect your future ability to find work?

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I quit McDonald's when I was 16 without notice and I've had trouble finding a job ever since:

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Would give a bad reference if he applies for other jobs. A solid answer is the key.

It's still bad professionally no matter what job it is. You should take your career seriously no matter where it is at.

You don't need to use every job you have had as a reference. You can also explain to a future employer why you won't use them as a reference. If you have a legit excuse, most employers are reasonable.

...when you fill out applications for ANYWHERE after that, it asks if they can contact your last employer. So yes, it does matter.

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"As for it can" Maybe your grasp of the english language is what is keeping your from getting work.

When it comes to a resume for a job you consider a career I only put applicable work history. If it makes you feel better HR usually only calls for confirmation that you worked there on certain dates. Long story short; just don't come back to that job. No one has ever asked me why I quit showing up at a job when I was 18.

My current employer definitely checked. They called every place I worked even if I didn't list a reference from there.

so many stupid people on here thinking employers won't look at references or will understand if you dont use them. My employer contacted all my references even ones I couldn't get the contact details for and lucky for me I take every job I have seriously so all had good things to say.

Every situation is different. If there is a legit reason to quit without notice, a new employer will understand. I have been there, done that. So down vote all you like, but every circumstance is different. I have written on applications that the may not contact a previous employer and have still gotten the job. Yes, it can affect future jobs, but not always.

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The last job I worked at did NOT check. The manager hired me before I even completely filled out my application. But I've walked out of quite a few jobs without notice due to being treated poorly. If you don't respect me, I'm not going to respect you. I don't recommend it, surely, but it won't ruin your whole life, either.

#33 everyone checks. I don't hire anyone without checking every professional and personal reference in their application. You have zero idea what you're talking about and should never give advice again.

There's no such thing as a legit reason to quit without notice.

i beg to differ if someone is sexually harassed or threatened or in anyway feels unsafe they should leave without notice and report the business

Looks like you're in one saucy situation

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#2 There is nothing saucy about any of this it isn't like OP came to work in sexy clothes or tried to flirt as they quit... *sigh*

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Maybe you should go in and correct that ASAP? Hopefully it's not too late for your boss to reschedule people.

You could try to ask for double pay as well though

Though with OPs luck and nerves he would probably end up with half

Write down a notice of resignation. If you write it out and hand it to the manager you won't be so nervous you can't speak up, and it looks more professional. Good luck OP

This is such a great idea. I know I stress under situations like these, not just at work but even with family or when I was in school. Writing it out and going over what you want to say, even if it takes a dozen times before you start to feel comfortable, is the best way to approach the situation. And if you can't reach that point, like 6 said, you can walk in and just hand your boss the notice.

The best way to resign from a job is with is written notice, given to your manager, and HR, and an email sent as well. This way no one can dispute it.

Talk about making great decisions under pressure

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Speak up and give them a pizza your mind

should really work on your anxiety op