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  Setareh23  |  34

Alternate (perhaps unlikely) view: it's good to remember that "fat" is pretty subjective for a lot of people. Ie, I've been called chubby when I was 5 pounds away from being underweight. And I've had girls confide in me their insecurities about weight due to constant bullying, when they were clearly not an unhealthy weight (more like on the high-end of average). So I imagine that if the ex is angry and is aware of any weight insecurities, he may well send crap like that to OP whether she "needed" it or not.
In any case, whether or not she's overweight or is/isn't happy with her weight, doesn't change the fact that her ex is a bitter douche. If it was out of concern, he wouldn't have waited till they broke up, nor would he have done it in that fashion. His prime objective was obviously hurting OP, so if she had no weight-issues he'd have targeted something else. FherL for having to deal with such a brat.

  juicy_extasy  |  25

It's happened to me before. Where friends thought I was telling them how to lose weight and it was just spam, and I never sent stuff like that in the first place

By  nishimehta  |  21

hey its your life, do fuckin what you love. Eat a pie! its yumm. And send him one back reading "ways to stop poking nose in someone's business" lol