By scorned ex - 17/10/2015 03:29

Today, my ex-boyfriend sent me an email that read, "How to lose 25lbs". I was eating a large slice of pie when I opened the email. FML
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megs925 16

You should send him one back reading "how to **** off"


Don't listen to him OP. I don't want this to sound insulting but you can be fat and healthy the same way you can be skinny and unhealthy

@25 I think you misunderstood, he's an ex because he's a jerk.

Am I the only one who thought.... "BURRRRRN"

JustinJK 21

@25 fat and healthy, but they're eating pie....

#49 not all fat is the fault of the person. fat is also genetic, but it doesn't matter if they were eating pie.

JustinJK 21

Very little of obesity and overweightness is from genetic issues or disorders. Most of its from poor eating habits and lack of exercise.

Well we at least know one reason. Go Cloud 9

#25 one can eat pie without being judged now?

Alternate (perhaps unlikely) view: it's good to remember that "fat" is pretty subjective for a lot of people. Ie, I've been called chubby when I was 5 pounds away from being underweight. And I've had girls confide in me their insecurities about weight due to constant bullying, when they were clearly not an unhealthy weight (more like on the high-end of average). So I imagine that if the ex is angry and is aware of any weight insecurities, he may well send crap like that to OP whether she "needed" it or not. In any case, whether or not she's overweight or is/isn't happy with her weight, doesn't change the fact that her ex is a bitter douche. If it was out of concern, he wouldn't have waited till they broke up, nor would he have done it in that fashion. His prime objective was obviously hurting OP, so if she had no weight-issues he'd have targeted something else. FherL for having to deal with such a brat.

megs925 16

You should send him one back reading "how to **** off"

no a letter "how to give woman pleasure" or "how to increase penis size in four easy steps"

Or better yet, send him one on how to go **** himself. Literally.

I love how some girls think that makes a guy feel bad, what if the guys hung like Chuck Norris.. Probably just gonna laugh that one off........

Literally, 82? George Costanza: You can't break up with me! I've got hand!! George's girlfriend: And you're gonna need it.

#2 he was about to start when he was opening that email

It's happened to me before. Where friends thought I was telling them how to lose weight and it was just spam, and I never sent stuff like that in the first place

nightstalker94 18

Wow that was just mean. Don't listen to him. You're great just the way you are.

how do you know whether she is healthy without seeing her? Support is a good thing man, but don't overdo it.

nobody said anything about being healthy?????

Badkarma4u 17

How do you know? She could be sick and killing herself with obesity.

And it'll never send you passive aggressive emails. Gotta love pie.

hey its your life, do ****** what you love. Eat a pie! its yumm. And send him one back reading "ways to stop poking nose in someone's business" lol

What an asshole... only lose weight if YOU want to, not for him.