Overkill or fair?

By Pineapple does go on pizza - 24/08/2018 01:30

Today, I thought my boyfriend was kidding when he said he'd dump me if I actually ate pineapple on pizza. I ordered it. I ate it. I'm now single. FML
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Wouldn't want to date someone who would break up over something like that anyway.


But the question is... was it worth it?

Hell yes, pineapple on the pizza is life! And she got rid of a douche bag.

VisioningGoblin 4

Personally I neither hate or like it

Probably. If he's that ridiculous over a pizza topping then she's probably lucky to be rid of him.

Wouldn't want to date someone who would break up over something like that anyway.

OP, your boyfriend is an idiot. It’s got nothing to do with if pineapple on pizza is good or not. It’s about control. He was trying to control you over something really trivial. You are better off without the idiot.

Is he for real? Apparently so...bloody childish. What you like to eat or put on your pizza is your own lookout and a matter of taste.

indienerdgirl 27

Such a man child. I hate sardines with a passion but hey I married my husband anyways despite he likes those nasty things lol. Anyways OP if that was the breaking point for him he's not worth it.

You should spite him by finding someone else who enjoys pineapple on their pizza, marry them, have a load of pineapple pizzas instead of a wedding cake, become rich, have an awesome family, and retire at 45, so you can sail around the world on a boat that looks like a slice of pineapple pizza. I think I may have overdone this fantasy. Oh well.

you should leave pieces of pineapple in random places he visits frequently