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Today, it was my son's fifth birthday. I asked my grandmother, who is a baker, to make a birthday cake for the party. Two hours after the party started, she arrived drunk with a large ham with candles in it. FML
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Exactly! Ham is much better than cake!!

The cake is a lie. The ham is the truth.

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This fml is definitely made up!

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At least it wasn't a metric ****-load of ham B-)

108- I am so happy that you made that reference

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**THIS COMMENT WILL BE BURIED** I guess you could say... *puts on shades* Grandma went HAM. YEEEAAAAAAAAHHH!!!!

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Yeah and grammar didn't do you any good #2

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Sorry, I couldn't help it. Please accept my earnest apology, to all of the FML community for my soulless attempt at delivering cheap, unbranded humor. I go hara-kiri now

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51, if you hadn't put '**THIS COMMENT WILL BE BURIED**' then maybe you wouldn't have been thumbed down.

You could say his comment was *puts on shades* Buried Alive. YEEEEAAAAAAAAAAA!

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I thought everyone hated Sunglasses jokes. They were all buried earlier

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She went ham, now send her ass home.

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Make the best out of it. Cook and eat the ham like a cake, better for you anyway.

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Not sure how a bunch of raging 5 year olds are gonna make the best of no cake at a party and a hammered senior.

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Kinda fitting that the hammered gma brought ham, perhaps she has a sick sense of humor

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She's just hamming it up. She's become a comedian in her retirement.

In my opinion that sounds lile the best cake ever

Word! I'd chose ham over cake any day. Especially a ham with candles on it.

She obviously isn't a baker, but she sure is baked!

Do you know what "Baked" means? It's nothing to do with drunk... It's when you're high.

Wow, grandma is crazy if she came drunk and baked.

Oh yea that's my bad I read the FML wrong. Grandma isn't baked.

With all those extra "r's" I don't see why you can't afford an "e."

You have to buy vowels. Consonants are free with a spin.

Maybe, since they're also missing an apostrophe, they meant "Yourrr HAM[ is fan]tastic!" Or maybe they have an irrational fear of E's.

Hey a birthday ham is a long celebrated tradition by the baked ones.

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I'm sorry your son didn't have the cake he expected.

I'm almost positive he will survive this grievous transgression against all that is good in the world. Protip: The cake was a lie.

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Little kids get irrationally upset about things like this. Have you ever had to tell a little kid on his birthday that he doesn't have a cake? Meltdown.

Actually little kids prefer cupcakes because they contain a free goodie on the frosting

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If it really is that important and left the kid heartbroken, all OP had to do was run to the store real quick and buy a cake. It's not like they HAD to have grandma bake one. There's always next year as well! If grandma doesn't decide to get drunk then either..