By ForeverAlone - 09/05/2015 15:53 - Korea, Republic of - Seoul

Today, I emotionally confessed to the guy I like. His English isn't that good, so he asked me to repeat it several times. He ended up telling me no. FML
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Well, at least you tried...and tried, and tried, and tried....

Love may be blind but I guess not bilingual


Well, at least you tried...and tried, and tried, and tried....

And tried and tried and tried again......

Maybe he didn't fully understand you? Eh, that's wishful thinking. Sucks OP

So no as in you aren't allowed to like him?

no as in "you just got friend zoned."

You never know until you try... So now you know.

What? For not understanding another language on the first try, then telling OP his honest feelings rather than leading her/him on in a relationship he wouldn't be happy with, and saving her/him future heartache? Nothing wrong with not liking someone back, even if it does sting.

Maybe she wasn't his type.

Sorry that not everyone shares another person's feelings. What a REAL prick, huh?

I'm curious as to why you were telling him something like this in a - at least for him - foreign language? But hey, it was worth a try. Or 3.

im not sure if your serious orrrr

How else is OP supposed to tell him if that's the only language they both know (to a certain degree)? I'm taking a wild guess that's the case here.

Honestly, learning to say I like you in Korean (좋아해요) isn't hard at all. A little effort goes a long way.

That's what I'm thinking as well. If you like somebody, try saying it in their language. Learning a few words isn't that difficult, no matter what language. That's why I am curious as to why OP didn't learn those few words.

Well at least you tried, keep your chin up you'll find someone

Love may be blind but I guess not bilingual

*claps* that is the best comment ever

Ouch, sorry to hear it. You'll find someone that appreciates you, and hopefully soon :)

He knew what you were saying, he just needed time to stall and deal with it before saying no. I love pretending not to understand English to buy wiggle room.