By screwyouchris - 16/10/2015 23:08 - United Kingdom - Brighton

Today, my boyfriend of two years told me that he sees no future with me. It's alright though, because he says we can still "coast along" until he meets someone else. FML
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Tell Jack Sparrow he can coast the seas himself


redhead_sprhro 10

Sounds like somebody worth fighting for... Sarcasm

That guy needs to go. Never be someone's backup plan!

megs925 16

It sucks how easy guys can waste so much time In a relationship and be ok. Hang in there OP.

People* you just put every guy in tbis category. Girls can do this too.

SmittyJA24 26

Time spent in a relationship is never "wasted" or to be thought of as an investment. And to measure ANY relationship -- romantic or not -- in terms of time is grossly inappropriate.

Don't waste your time with him anymore, there's plenty of fish out past the coast

Ditch the asshole, no one should be someone's backup plan.

This is the ultra red flag! Dump him, find someone who you could spend your life with.

babe you are an OPTION! Make him go crazy about you and then just leave him! Hate such losers

Yeah, make him think he's about to have some really great sex or something then be like "oh no, I'm breaking up with you".

Guess someone didn't get the memo, that's not how relationships work.