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Use a laser pointer to show him what you wish would grow on him since he showed you what he wanted on you to shrink.

Laser surgery might help.

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What time is it? EXERCISE TIME!

meant for the person who said first and was actually second...comment deleted.

I never ever heard that there were laser surgeries to cut off fat from people... I think you're mixing up with eye surgery; you know, that part of the body without any fat...

"here, here, a little bit of that, some in this area *circles with laser*, get rid of this..."

smart guy...complaining from a safe distance so he doesn't get bitch slapped.

Chunkymonkey is your name too :3

You lack speed, padowan.

No. they use these weird light lasers to help people look slimmer.

The eyeball actually has fat surrounding it.

I am very sorry, I guess I got excited about being first to comment. I feel very stupid now.

You got a keeper there

Yea that joke is getting old...

How come you ALWAYS see that comment "You got a keeper." on FMLs about boyfriends/girlfriends? And I agree with 22 , it does get old.

Almost as old as "I hope you mean EX boyfriend." Almost.

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Very classy picture there.

I like his pic. What's the problem?

Let's not start a confederate flag fight.

Yeah, we know who would win that

Of course I would. :)

I believe the South at one point didn't like America, so shouldn't you hate the confederates?

Ah, you sure could use a history lesson. The Civil War was all about states' rights and limited government. It was simply a political disagreement.

Most people in today's age know nothing about the Confederacy and usually only wave the flag for racism and/or attention.

as 91 said, freeing the slaves was not he reason there was war. The war was over political power and it just happened that the confederacy had many slave states while the union had few. the emancipation proclamation was signed to weaken the confederacy, not because of morals. thats why it didnt free union slaves.

75 why would I hate Confederates if almost all my ancestors from that time were Confederates? Besides I support the choice of secession, we were having our rights chipped at bit by bit by the government.

No actually, i exercised yesterday and my whole freakin body hurts

use tht laser pointer to blind him !

The word "that" has one more letter than tht so just spell the right way so you look less ignorant

^^ Says the Guy with Retarded in their account name

I'm not ignorant, just slow

13- In your sentence, you should have had quotations around "tht", a comma following, and a period at the end of your sentence. Neither am a "grammar nazi", nor do I care whether you feel like being a douche and correcting someone else just to pretend you are more intelligent, but until next time here is a little tip: make sure YOUR shit is up to par before you make an ass of yourself.

You might want to get a more powerful one! :)

24- where you used quotations, the comma goes inside the closing quotes. But I don't actually care, I'm just pushing your buttons :p

^^ ("tht,") "(grammar nazi,")

Or just tell him you want to point out his flaws and turn on the room light :)

Umm.. 101, 30, it's actually just preference/style/what your English teacher told you to do/where you live, so you're both right, in a way.

Meh, she's fat. She should lose weight.

As her boyfriend used a laser pointer to indicate specific areas, chances are she's not actually fat. It would probably fairer to say she's on the heavier side of average, or just got a slightly bigger stomach than the boyfriend would like in a girl etc etc. Unless of course, he pointed at all/most of her, but what would be the point in the laser pointer? We also don't know how much weight he suggested she lose. OP - Exercise isn't necessarily a bad idea, whether or not you want to lose weight. The same goes for putting thought into what you're eating.

Why does everyone on FML think breaking up is the solution to every relationship problem

111- because when a guy treats you like shit, it's better not to be with him. Pretty sure that's common sense...

Because they're single and can't put them self in the situation.

Cmars (#126) - Whilst what you said is true, we don't really know the context or full extent of what the bf said. For all we know he was kidding around and happened to upset the OP unintentionally. He might also have just meant to encourage the OP to be a little bit healthier. Yeah, in some cases it's clear that the problem is the partner, but this isn't one of them. It might be, but it also might not be. We only have assumptions for whether or not it is.

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But he accidentally all his PowerPoint. How will he?

18- You are so, how do you do it?

Wait but guys, what about during the whole thing on purpose?

Gotta say though, laser pointer is at least nicer than using a spotlight

Y u no get skinny!?

This has got to be the most unintelligent legitimate conversation I've ever seen.

And my guess is that if his pointers battery died during his show, then you should contact a physician!

And you should use a laser pointer to point at places he need to loose as well!!