By Fattymuch - 14/09/2011 14:27 - India

Today, I was online looking up ways to lose weight, get thinner and be healthier, all the while eating a slab of brownie that was half the size of my head. FML
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Omnomnom don't fight it, brownies are amazing.

Looks like that diet * puts on sunglasses* will have to weight. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH


You can't lose weight while eating that way

Yes, Alan, really. *The more you know.

Bitch be lyin'! Thanks for the heads up Alan, I was about to start that diet!

It depends on the person. Genetics play a big role here. Also, the amount of fat cells each person has, depends on how he/she was fed when they were born and a few weeks after. Also, what their mothers ate when they were pregnant is very important. Thyroid gland is also very important. There are a lot of factors. Not just eating...

No shit Sherlock.

However, more often than not, your weight is controlled by how much fat you shove in your mouth.

Mmmmmm... brownies.

Omnomnom don't fight it, brownies are amazing.

Weed brownies are even more amazing!! :D


Wow I thought the Marines were better than that...

Or maybe just need to stop being an ignorant fuck and realize a little weed isn't so bad?

Was it a 'special' brownie?

Are you in a 'special' class?

My mom keeps telling me that I am special.

I sure hope so

If you're special, whos Ed?

I think you will easily find ways to lose weight, even without the internet.

What she should do is stick the brownies on a stick and then have someone tie that to her forehead. Boom hit by a car after chasing the brownies into traffic.

23: was that supposed to be funny? Should I laugh?

I make my comments for me. If you didn't like it guess I'll go and try to find a fuck to give.

oh boy looks like u waited a while to use that stupid "joke."

74: Speak you mind, but please try and be respectful.

I never cursed you out. If you find cursing immoral or offensive in general you might be talking to the wrong guy.

I didn't laugh either 45. He's a moron..

TorturedXeno 27

Brownies - yum!

Ha ha fatty! Just stop eating! :D

You should be a nutritionist!!

Why don't you stop breathing, hipster

Lol i say the same if u want to be healthy dont look up on the internet just stop eating crap

6- I hope your bloody comment is thumbed down so much that it is buried out of existence. You lack a soul.

That's exactly what I was thinking

65- Don't diss on us hipsters, douchebag.

That's your own fault, sorry

Shit, I don't blame you. I'd probably be a fatass too.

Lose weight after all the brownies are gone

"I'll start tomorrow"

i like the way you think kind sir!

Looks like that diet * puts on sunglasses* will have to weight. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH

Wait didn't you already have the sunglasses on from a previous comment? I'm starting to think there aren't any sunglasses at all YOU'RE A PHONY!!

Damnit candicurl!! You and your sunglasses piss me off!!!

That was just perfect

That's the wonderful thing about sunglasses! You can take them on and off :D

Really? *takes off sunglass I've had on for last 15yrs MY EYES!!! they burn... I think I'll just keep mine on. :p