By Fattymuch - 14/09/2011 14:27 - India

Today, I was online looking up ways to lose weight, get thinner and be healthier, all the while eating a slab of brownie that was half the size of my head. FML
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Omnomnom don't fight it, brownies are amazing.

candicurl 9

Looks like that diet * puts on sunglasses* will have to weight. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH


bcan 3

You can't lose weight while eating that way

Yes, Alan, really. *The more you know.

Bitch be lyin'! Thanks for the heads up Alan, I was about to start that diet!

fthislyfe 22

It depends on the person. Genetics play a big role here. Also, the amount of fat cells each person has, depends on how he/she was fed when they were born and a few weeks after. Also, what their mothers ate when they were pregnant is very important. Thyroid gland is also very important. There are a lot of factors. Not just eating...

arielleemariee 0

No shit Sherlock.

However, more often than not, your weight is controlled by how much fat you shove in your mouth.

Mmmmmm... brownies.

Omnomnom don't fight it, brownies are amazing.

SemperFi_23 6

Weed brownies are even more amazing!! :D


Wow I thought the Marines were better than that...

Or maybe just need to stop being an ignorant **** and realize a little weed isn't so bad?

BellaBelle_fml 23

Was it a 'special' brownie?

Are you in a 'special' class?

My mom keeps telling me that I am special.

SmokinWeed 0

I sure hope so

If you're special, whos Ed?

I think you will easily find ways to lose weight, even without the internet.

leadman1989 15

What she should do is stick the brownies on a stick and then have someone tie that to her forehead. Boom hit by a car after chasing the brownies into traffic.

fthislyfe 22

23: was that supposed to be funny? Should I laugh?

leadman1989 15

I make my comments for me. If you didn't like it guess I'll go and try to find a **** to give.

oh boy looks like u waited a while to use that stupid "joke."

fthislyfe 22

74: Speak you mind, but please try and be respectful.

leadman1989 15

I never cursed you out. If you find cursing immoral or offensive in general you might be talking to the wrong guy.

I didn't laugh either 45. He's a moron..

TorturedXeno 27

Brownies - yum!

i_love_grrr 0

Ha ha fatty! Just stop eating! :D

ShroomsOnAcid 16

You should be a nutritionist!!

Why don't you stop breathing, hipster

Lol i say the same if u want to be healthy dont look up on the internet just stop eating crap

Sunny_Eclipse 6

6- I hope your bloody comment is thumbed down so much that it is buried out of existence. You lack a soul.

That's exactly what I was thinking

tylersign 11

65- Don't diss on us hipsters, douchebag.

That's your own fault, sorry

Shit, I don't blame you. I'd probably be a fatass too.

Lose weight after all the brownies are gone

"I'll start tomorrow"

lexi_8588 0

i like the way you think kind sir!

candicurl 9

Looks like that diet * puts on sunglasses* will have to weight. YEAAAAAHHHHHHH

leadman1989 15

Wait didn't you already have the sunglasses on from a previous comment? I'm starting to think there aren't any sunglasses at all YOU'RE A PHONY!!

xXT9Xx 0

Damnit candicurl!! You and your sunglasses piss me off!!!

That was just perfect

candicurl 9

That's the wonderful thing about sunglasses! You can take them on and off :D

leadman1989 15

Really? *takes off sunglass I've had on for last 15yrs MY EYES!!! they burn... I think I'll just keep mine on. :p