By madison77 - 21/11/2011 23:26 - United States

Today, my engagement ring was seized by the police, and my fiancé was arrested on larceny charges. Both in the same visit. FML
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Awh, you're going to have such an exciting life together.

I wish I could "thumb up" your comment, Sirin...


why would they take your engagement ring?

I think the fiance tried to take it?

The key word is "larceny", gentlemen.

This is why you look up the word you don't understand before posting and looking foolish, #1.

the larceny charges were for stealing the ring from someone, so they took it from him

Well I barely know english so if I look stupid don't blame me

That sucks op good luck finding a new partner.

19-your English seems fine. Better than a lot of people on here. Next time, just look up words you don't understand.

Translating works wonders, and I couldn't look it up cause it'd be in Norse where the word wouldn't exist.

blackheart24 10

Let Jesus show you the way!!!!

because it's stollen, dumbass.

and ohmandapants, next time you or your friend tries to look like the band Kiss, tell them to brush there teeth and lose the glasses just for the picture.

bizarre_ftw 21

Why would they let you out of elementary school?

sirin you gonna mod that^? :)

bizarre ftw, read the comments then you'll understand.

shit, not that one, I meant the one where I said fag. and I see you modded it! thank you sirin!

Human stupidity never ceases to amaze me.

I wish I could "thumb up" your comment, Sirin...

Please give our Norse friend some slack...or he'll sail down and death-metal whip our ass.

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Are you seriously that stupid, or just trolling?

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Is it just me or does 91 look like she's 11

olivia_r 0

I pressed reply and it showed up down here...

rastafunk 0

... I'm 13.

98- not any better

supermankisses 1

Bizarre_ftw do you ever post anything worth reading?

They took the ring because they thought that she was asking them to propose to her obviously

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57 - SHUT UP.

guckylynn 19

I'm pretty sure there's a word for theft in every language.

and in norwegian, that word is "tyveri" :) #1, eg visste heller ikkje ka de meinte me larcency, tror kje det e et godt ord på norsk for det :/

bizarre_ftw you make the rest of this comment look smart. Unicorns fart rainbows while tangoing with King Kong. Also France is a state of the United States of North Korea which is located in Ontario, Canada.

I'm surprised 124 hasn't been banned yet. Anyone read her description recently? Serious hate going on. Not cool.

Derp derp derp

Shouldnt they be taking it to Mordor :)

91 and 93 um really what's the difference?

^ what are you talking about

Xx_Dakota_xX 1

Serious lol what are u talking about?

bizarre_ftw 21

69 -same here (and yes i know i'm talking about my own) once in a while i'll do something incomprehensibly stupid and i'll end up wondering why the fuck i did it. this is one of those times.

Awh, you're going to have such an exciting life together.

I don't see why this was thumbed down. OP's fiancé broke the law for her! That sounds like a recipe for an exciting marriage! Starting as soon as he gets out of prison, by which point OP will probably have moved on, unimpressed by her ex-fiancé's glaring lack of judgment.

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I waste my time and I waste my money on a broken dream cause you wouldn't wear my ring, baby give me back my ring. Who's heard the song you gotta love it:)

Together, forever!

*singing* your not having sex tonite your not having sex tonite cause your in jaiiiillllll

He's a keeper for sure.

tehrealone 6

^cruel person crushing the dreams of others. Congratz

herpitydurteedur 0

Oh he's gonna have sex tonight. Just not quite like he planned to. Unless he was hoping for anal. But it'd still be reversed. He's gonna be the one getting fucked in the butt. Yeah.

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85- Bart Crow Band, Wear My Ring :)

That's not right, why did they seize it?

Oh lol should've paid more attention to the " larceny" my mistake.

KiddNYC1O 20

Shit, dude. Put 2 and 2 together.

^ what does 4 have to do with a anything? [troll face]

When I read the post, I wondered why "in the same visit" was necessary. I tend to give people too much credit.

Actually it's 22, he said put 2 and 2 together. Not add 2 and 2! :D trolling on the trollers!

Symmetry88 0

Madam if you put 2 and 2 together it's 2and2. Learn damnit! [Trollface]

Well, at least you learned more about your fiancé before you committed.

bossroyd 4

Bummer? Be optimistic and look at the situation as if it's a double-whammy special

boarder540 12

Why is it no one has stated the other alternative? He could have bought the ring from a pawn shop thinking it was legitimate. Pawn shops get rings all the time and do not always know if the ring is stolen or not. If this is the case the fiancé unknowingly bought a stolen ring and he was unlucky enough to get charged for larceny.

tacovender 7

Wow that sucks. I thought it was illegal to seize engagement rings under any circumstance.

TheDrifter 23

Why would it be illegal to seize a wedding or engagement ring? Stolen is stolen, even if it was given away later.

Xxlaurahatakexx 9

It is illegal, but thats for people who are in debt and the rest of their property os being seized.not for stolen property. It's a simple mistake to think the law applies, completely understandable

Xxlaurahatakexx 9

It is illegal, but thats for people who are in debt and the rest of their property os being seized.not for stolen property. It's a simple mistake to think the law applies, completely understandable

If It was me, I would slap them.

Yeah, assaulting a police officer!! That way they can both be in prison. Maybe share a cell! ^_^

Muslimgal92 0

Maybe he meant to slap the husband?

#8 said them so hes obviously talking about the cops

People use 'them' all the time in place of him/her.

111- only uneducated people.

drawmesunshine 17

150, you're an idiot. "They" or "them" used as a singular prounoun of which the gender is unknown or unspecified is perfectly acceptable.

i hope your right

boredblonde 17

you're off to a great start!

You're profile picture creeps me out.

boredblonde 17


supermankisses 1

....really? ***Youre

113 -facedesk- *Your

You are (you're) picture creeps me out. Makes sense right? Yeah. You're idiots.

The_Troller 14

This thread makes me want to hurt myself.

tehrealone 6

Yeah well your many things, but I don't go around blurting them out do I?

hbbs93 6

*you're. Is it that hard to understand?

I lost all hope for humanity.

HungerGames95 13

I don't see why people are saying it's "you're.". it's your. putting a contraction in there makes no sense "You are profile picture creeps me out." wtf?

The_Troller 14

I think people are trying to correct different thing and it's just turning into a clusterfuck. -9 was the correct form -97 was incorrect, it should've been "your" And I'm pretty sure 136 mwas just sarcasm. I hope.

YOUR profile picture is really gorgeous.

I don't want to live on this planet anymore.

Do they do marriages in prison?

Yeah it's the room is in the shower

Didn't mean to put the extra is

It's the room in the shower, worst joke ever at least say it right, eg; the shower room

Oh, Billlly...

weepingangel_fml 7

What a nice fiancé!

if you guys know, a larceny charge is basically stealing so maybe OP's husband stole the ring or something...

bizarre_ftw 21

I don't know... Seems far fetched.. I just thought the officer took the ring because (s)he thought it was pretty and wanted to wear it.

No shit Sherlock.

koolkat27 13

114- i think we've gotten the "no shit" point across.