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Today, after years of torment and relentless harassment, I finally built up the courage to stand up to a bully. I got a detention for swearing at him. FML
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He's gonna beat you up after detention for swearing at him.

Well done for standing up to your bully OP, people who haven't been bullied don't understand how difficult it is to stand up to a bully. They can have full control of you and they won't even realise it. Good work OP, next time swing a punch.

agreed 26 good job OP for taking back control of your life, way to show them!

Good for you put that bully in his place FML commenters will help

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Violence is the best option. OP should put the kid in his place. Humiliation or physical harm. Either way works. Some asshole was giving me a load of shit everyday, so I put his arm behind his back and threatened to dislocate if he didn't leave me alone. Haven't had a problem since.

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Well done 26 and everyone following for making comments on the first comment so people might read your garbage.

I'm sorry, but standing up to a bully, by violence, is the ont way to end it. Even if you loose the fight, the bully will stop bullying you becuase he will realize that everytime he bullies you in the future, he'll have to engage in physical confrontation. Speaking from true experience. Standing up to that asshole in 8th grade, after a year, was one of the most proudest things I ever did in my life!

Kut19. Your an ass. OP good f***ing job.

Good job 93 for commenting on the first comment just so people can see your garbage. Aw shit.. I just commented on the first comment..

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I understand were your coming from kit19 although your comment was put in a mean fashion that mist people don't seem to get. The bully is goon to still think he won because the op got into trouble and still try and kick the op's ass. Although it is good that the op stood up to the bully, it may also mean the bully will just bring back up...

Did Jesus just comment on this FML? Damn, shit just got real!

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Oh hell, yes. Anybody who tells you violence never solved anything was never bullied. Good for OP for standing up. I swear, FML needs a "No, your life is awesome" option.

That's why you fight fire with water, and not fire...

Not true the best way to get rid of a bully is to beat his ass, trust me I fought the bully that tormented me in elementary and middle school in 6th grade and never got bullied again.

That doesn't always work. What if you aren't strong enough? And if you are, what if he gets his friends to gang up on you and do worse than you did to him? There isn't one set way to deal with bullies, and violence is usually the worst option.

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Agreed. One has to pick and choose their battles. Some, yes, an asswhuppin' is all that needs to be done. Others, different measures are needed. It all depends from bully to bully.

Number0 is that your sex face in the picture!? You look demented!

You gotta watch out for escalation. He verbally harasses you, you punch back. He gets his mates to gank you, you make a poor decision and you shank him. You just gotta know when to walk away.

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That's why you should learn Krav Maga :D a hand to hand combat martial arts. No one will ever mess with you again.

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A martial art is a really good sport to get into! It will help with self disipline, confidence, flexibility, strenght, and timing. It also keeps me calm. Being a victim of bullying can be rough but violence is the last answer so be prepared if he tries something block it and counteract it then throw something all you got. :)

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If forest fires get too big to fight with water, firefighters start another fire to snuff the original fire out. So yes you can fight fire with fire.

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Actually, they burn ahead using a controlled fire, taking out the big fires fuel source.

Light_Star 4

Actually, they burn ahead using a controlled fire, taking out the big fires fuel source.

Good for you! So what if u cursed?? As long as u stood up to the ass hole , that's all that matters.

Well Violence is not good option, but sometimes you need to be violent.. Was bullied once in 8th grade, beat the shit out of him, he couldnt do anything!! Since then he didnt even look at me! One of the proudest thing i have ever done

By water, you mean the gasoline and electric high power water hose that can tear skin right off your body right?

I did kill Mr. Anderson. I watched him die... with a certain satisfaction.

#40 is wrong. Even if you lose the fight, the bully learns that you're not going to sit there and take it.

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That sucks! On the upside his karma is going to be twice as worse :D

Maybe you should have explained to the teachers, they're serious about that stuff nowadays

Karma is gonna bitch slap that kid in the face so hard...

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The best way to knock down a bully's guard is to tell them all of the shit that their own friends say about them behind their backs.

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to stop a bully from harassing you, the best way is to fight that person. but if you got your ass kicked, then your ******!

Swearing gave OP a detention. Fighting and the teacher might let the bully fight back...

Because he meant to say "you're" that second time.

18, why would a teacher let someone fight back, they would more then likely lose their job.

Felt great, but unfortunately expressing anger makes one more prone to express it :( Wish it worked differently.

Maybe you should tell someone about it? Instead of doing it on your own. Just speak up everyone is against bullying.

I completely agree! The world looks at bullying in a totally different way now! It's not like it was even ten years ago. It used to be that if someone was being bullied people around would just watch or even laugh. Now someone usually steps in. I know from my nephew being in school that teachers take it extremely seriously; especially cause of so many suicides related to bullying! So speak up! As stupid as it may sound, it's not, Tell your teacher or principle! At least in Canada I know schools are taking it really seriously and it's been making a difference. Hopefully it's the same where you are. Speak up.

Speaking up doesn't always work. Five to ten years ago, I repeatedly reported the bullying and harassment I faced while in elementary/middle school, and they rarely did anything. They claimed they "couldn't do anything" unless they "saw it happen for themselves." Somehow, I still got in trouble for giving one of the kids the finger during recess when there were NO teachers watching. Among other incidents. It still rankles.

Bullying is very serious here in Australia and teachers like to maintain the image of doing something about it but being in high school currently in 9th grade and witnessing it for myself and reporting it I can honestly tell you nothing much happens except for maybe a detention and a 5 min "don't do that again". I have been bullied and I have told teachers time and time again, it wasn't until I finally mustered up the courage to tell my mum that it stopped after she contacted the school, I was very embarrased and humiliated by even telling my mother because I thought she might think less of me (obviously she didn't and the only thing that stopped was the abuse) but I don't know how much has changed since 10 years ago but bullying is still a very persistent and overlooked problem. Sorry for the essay :)

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People/Teachers in the US always make a big deal about bullying, but they don't really do anything to stop it. One time in elementary school someone stomped on my stuff when I spilled it, and then kicked it away when I tried to get it back. The teacher saw it, and refused to do anything about it simply because she "didn't have proof" or some BS like that. I didn't take much effort for my elementary school brain to figure out she was probably just afraid of getting bitched out by the other kids' soccer moms.

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Bullies have lawyers now. My brother was nearly thrown down a flight of stairs headfirst, and somehow he managed to swing around and pop the guy who tried to throw him in the face. The school saw that the bully had tried to throw him down the stairs, (which, by the way, can be life threatening!) and turned their heads. They suspended my brother for punching, and told my parents they couldn't do anything about it because of the guy's lawyer. Then the bully went home after lunch like he always did. They KNEW the guy could have killed my brother. They watched it happen! Telling teachers doesn't always work.

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They take bullying extremely seriously here in my part of the U.S. If a kid is caught bullying, over the Internet, verbally, or physically, it's an automatic 10 day Off-Campus Suspension. The policy works! It was implemented about 2 years ago, and bullying has decreased dramatically, at least in my eyes. Any similar policies elsewhere?

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I remember i was bullied quite a bit in elementary school, and i told my teachers, councelors, assistant principle, and principle. They ignored it and punished me. In fact, the most any person ever did in punishing a bully was when a kid punched me in the stomach and i pushed him away and immediately told the teacher. I was given 3 days of in school suspension for retaliating and the bully was given 4 after cursing me out in front of an assistant pricipal. The moral of the story is most teachers dont care, and the ones that do just hide behind the rules.

We have a new think at my school called HIB nd most people joke about it but bullying is actually taken extemly serious here just the smallest thing can land u in the office esspecially since that new law came around

We have a new think at my school called HIB nd most people joke about it but bullying is actually taken extemly serious here just the smallest thing can land u in the office esspecially since that new law came around

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Ha that crap NEVER works ... Do it your self or it won't happen at all. I to have had the same problem that was what recess is for as I "motivated" him off the jungle gym

Schools have paragraphs worth of anti bullying rules in the handbook yet they don't do a damn thing when someone's being bullied.

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I couldn't think of anything humorous. Sorry, OP.

You should've known that bullies are all talk. They talk shit and beat you but you don't tell anyone, because they'll call you a pussy, but as soon as you lash out at them, they run off and you can't do anything about it. It's a lose-lose situation, really.

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easier said than done.. you obviously have never been a victim of bullying,

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I had a bully once. They let me write his obituary when I was finished.

u put ur buly in the obituaries i put mine in the obitchuraries

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ok dude somtimes you gotta say enough and hit him by surprise, get the first punch directly to his nose and dont stop until hes either out or a teacher steps in. violence isnt always necessary, but for your case it seems right