By stuck - United States
Today, I was working as a service writer in an auto service shop. A really cute girl came in to buy a headlight, I offered to install the bulb for her. My hand got stuck behind the headlight, she had to ask one of our mechanics to come remove the air box from her car to get my hand out. FML
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By  plexico  |  3

I hope you don't get a job mopping up in a hospital . . . suddenly "really cute girls" start dying like flies because they are getting surgery from some overzealous janitor!

  STVader  |  0

LOLLLL hilarious.

Yeah its definitely a ydi, cute girls shouldn't be getting free stuff for their cuteness. That's unfair to all us men with broken down cars!

By  KennyP55  |  0

You could've turned this into a positive situation with the use of humor about the size of your hand. It could've been funny. Instead, you turned it into a pity party, and this is why you touch yourself at night.