By stuck - / Wednesday 17 June 2009 03:42 / United States
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I would say you deserve it, had you not been trying to do something nice for someone else. Still, don't try to show off with tasks you aren't adept at!


#5 It doesn't really sound like he was being nice, it sounds like he was chasing tail. Why else mention that he found her attractive? Sounds like YDI.

I hope you don't get a job mopping up in a hospital . . . suddenly "really cute girls" start dying like flies because they are getting surgery from some overzealous janitor!


LOLLLL hilarious. Yeah its definitely a ydi, cute girls shouldn't be getting free stuff for their cuteness. That's unfair to all us men with broken down cars!

You could've turned this into a positive situation with the use of humor about the size of your hand. It could've been funny. Instead, you turned it into a pity party, and this is why you touch yourself at night.

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