By diamondsareforever - United States
Today, I was going to propose to my girlfriend. On our way to the Space Needle I was pulled over and promptly arrested. Apparently, I had recently purchased a car from a man who had robbed a jewelery store. The ring is now evidence. FML
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  st0815  |  9

Doesn't solve the whole problem. If the ring was stolen, he can not become the owner of it, it still belongs to the person it was stolen from. So .... he lost the money for the ring. If he is very, very lucky the cops might catch the thief before he spend all the money. Of course buying a ring from "some guy" ... sounds like there might be a YDI involved.

  NiceGuy2  |  0

idiots ring wasn't stolen car was and since the car was in a jewlery theft the ring is consideried evdince it's just bad timing for him to have it on him for all we know the ring could have been his grandmothers as well so there would be no purchase of a ring

By  Snommelp  |  0

I'm confused... if you bought a car from him, how is the ring evidence? Was the ring in the car when you bought it? Or did you buy the ring from this guy too?

  diet_otaku  |  0

yeah but what does his car have to do with it? unless he bought both his car AND the ring from the robber, his statement doesn't match up. i think he meant to say that he bought the ring from the robber, and then the ring was confiscated as evidence, so not only was he arrested, he lost all the money he spent on the ring.

  FrostyNorth  |  0

BUT, if the registration had been properly transferred then the cops would have had no reason to believe the vehicle was either involved it that the driver was involved. That's assuming that the cops' database was kept up-to-date, of course.

  iareamused  |  0

exactly my question. i know the cop would ASSUME that it was an evidence. but wouldnt you have a receipt or some sort of carbon copy of your check or bank account statement to show that you bought the ring yourself? assuming you didnt get it off from the car thief who stole the ring.

however, if you did buy it off the car guy, what were you thinking? you should have bought it from a store/some place legit, it'd show sincerity to your proposal, instead of some 2nd hand ring from some random guy who steal cars.

with that said, it still sucks that your car seller was a thief. that is still a FYL.

  countryb_cth  |  38

So he should have bought the car from a store to make the proposal more sincere. Alrighty then.
Also why not buy a car off someone its a hell if a lot cheaper.
The guy robbed a jewelry store. Did you even read the fml?

  FUUUandyourmom  |  16

The car was used in a jewellery store robbery - the same store OP bought his ring from. After the robbery, the actual thief sold his car to the OP. When the police recognised the car, they searched him, found the ring that he BOUGHT from the store, and is using that as evidence.