By ringmaster101 - United States
Today, I went to the jewelry store to sell my wedding ring after a long and painful divorce. The shop owner took one look at it and called the cops because I tried to sell him a diamond ring that had been stolen from him 3 years ago. My ex-husband left the country a week ago. FML
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  cameron194  |  9

Who would honestly go back to the store they stole something from to sell said item back to them, if they knew it was stolen.. I'm sure OP eventually convinced them

By  Jimboom  |  11

Well I am sure they will believe you. You have ignorance on your side.. do they really think that if you stole it from them 3 years ago that you would be that stupid enough to come back and try sell it to him?

By  RenoEnvy  |  0

Oh my gosh! Seriously?

This is beyond ridiculous! I am so sorry you had to go through that embarassment. I'm sure you were so scared.

To echo the post above, good thing he's gone! Now go find yourself a man who can buy you a damn right. Amen. <3