By Anonymous - 11/11/2020 07:01 - United States - Tyler

Walk on the wild side

Today, I had to go get my fiancé's car so it wouldn't get impounded after he was arrested at 12 a.m. and charged with a felony. I just got out of prison in March, and we get married next week. FML
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By  mickymoose1  |  11

People can get married in prison so you don't even need to postpone the wedding. However are you sure you both are ready for a life long commitment when you both live a life that lands you in prison?

  kfchicken_fml  |  27

op very obviously doesn't want to get married in prison and marriage plans are usually made well in advance. just because she can doesn't mean it's something she wants.

By  xxlk4xx  |  2

honestly I would postpone the wedding to better your life! and that's not out of a place of judgment, you deserve to live the life you want! maybe if your fiance sees you working so hard to change for the better then he could to! I obviously dont know the full story, but I really do wish the both of you all the best! for now take care of yourself. also, I assume you can go visit your fiance, so I would ask him what he intends to do differently when he gets out!

By  BurnInDemonFire  |  30

So is this an FML because you had to get his car in the middle of the night, or because neither of you can stop yourselves from breaking the law? I wouldn't plan on having kids, or more kids, any time soon. It'll be your turn in a while. Say hello to Joey McFly for me.

By  faifai_fml  |  21

Ok. Ok. Look. I'm just gonna say this and leave it here because I think someone really needs to tell you this.
Your shzt.
Get your shzt together. Both of you. Get it together.

By  wysegirl  |  19

save yourself he doesn't care. don't bring yourself down with him

By  Grizz8831  |  13

without more detail, I would say it sounds like the BF is the primary criminal mind here... since he is breaking the law seemingly continuously. if so, OP needs to Peace the F up outta there. you'd be better off, and have a much easier time getting your life on a better path. I've been arrested with older "family" and walking away from that was a huge life improvement. no peer pressure, or trying to impress with crime. walk away and live a betterlife