By MoreActionThanMe - 11/12/2012 00:04 - United States

Today, my dog did something I had no idea he could do. He participated in an all-male three-way at the dog park. In front of everyone. FML
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Looks like someone went to the closet and.. *puts on sunglasses*.. let the dogs out.

Your dog came out to you. In the park. In front of other people. Sounds wonderful.


sleepinginclass 8

The song from lady and the tramp popped into my head

Funny this was posted, today my mum witnessed my aunts three dogs doing the exact same thing!

alliewillie 22

Exactly 62, it's common. It's not a "3-way", its a show of dominance that MANY animals do. Sometimes, awkwardly enough, all the males try to be the big dog at once...

dannnngthatsux 19

Except #81, dominance 99.99% of the time doesn't include actual penetration. That just horny.

Looks like someone went to the closet and.. *puts on sunglasses*.. let the dogs out.

sunnyt 5

New definition of 'Doggy style'

spekledworf 18

Omg, 35! Sorry for the stupid response, but you guys must see how clever that was.

71- stop being a bitch! And don't worry OP I'm sure it's just puppy love

Op- i am hoping that it was a threeway with two other dogs, if it wasn't that is even more disturbing

35 I have no idea what you mean by stupid response

I was actually quoting Señor Chang from Community.

dannnngthatsux 19

#88, there is a video at YouTube of a car and dog actually &$@#ing. We're talking tied and all. Didn't have to be all dogs.

Razi_tail 25

He wanted some tail! It didn't matter what sex it turned out to be. XD

Your dog came out to you. In the park. In front of other people. Sounds wonderful.

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And came on the other two dogs.

megmeg3399 7

Animals do the darnedest things.

TheRandomIndian 17

Yeah my parakeets shit all over my room when I let them out

priceyfml 7

My armadillo digs holes in my flooring

RvidxrKlvn 8

My golden eagle throws goats off of cliffs.

My retriever digs holes with his nose instead of his paws.

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Apparently the dry humping thing dogs do is more to do with dominance than anything sexual.

DKjazz 20

I'm pretty sure this particular humping wasn't very dry...

anitadoody 7

Ha, that's what zoologists used to say back when homosexuality was taboo/illegal. "They're not having sex, it's, urm, the domination... thingy."

Epikouros 31

So it's OK if my Master play-rapes me in public? Because it's a display of dominance, and by your logic that means it can't be sex.

The thing is 39, they're not having sex. I've seen males and females mount (sometimes the female mounts the male); and usually it's the dog that the territory "belongs" to. Sometimes, it's the intruder trying to claim the territory.

Well shit from now on in public , I'm going to start humping random things to show my dominance.

65- I humped a Lamborghini the other day and got it for free. What really wins someone the presidency? Extreme humping skills.

dannnngthatsux 19

#54, and sometimes it's actually sex. I've actually seen two make dogs take turn penetrating each other. Rare, but it happens.

All these god awful dog puns and it's been five minutes

Unfortunately there are more and probably a lot more to come... And all this for some cocker spaniels.