By golfstar11 - 11/12/2012 02:05 - United States - Savannah

Today, I was doing a presentation in front of my boss. On the last slide, someone had put a picture of a man's cock. I later found out it was my boss who did it. It was his "good reason" to fire me. FML
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Sounds like a dick. Hopefully you got a decent-sized severance package out of it.

I think you have a good reason to call Human Resources. I would've just quit. You wouldn't want to work for someone who clearly wants you fired.


Sounds like a dick. Hopefully you got a decent-sized severance package out of it.

savage93 11

Sounds like the boss needed a man's dick in HIS mouth!

TheRandomIndian 17

He already has one up his ass

oj101 33

I'm not sure whether the OP's life sucks or if he deserved it. On one hand, the boss made an extremely immature move resulting in his termination via an underhanded method, or if he deserved it seeing as he failed to do a quick check of the slides before the actual presentation- and restricting access to anyone from using his computer. We also don't know the full story. The boss could have been trying to settle old scores or the OP was a slacker, but current provisions and HR/unions make it next to impossible to fire a worker unless they did something extremely bad.

TwiztedYuri 9

the boss just wanted everyone to know the type of Dick he likes. it was a good "finish"

#30, what do you mean a "man's dick?" As opposed to what else??

46- a transgender's dick? A horse's dick? An elephant's dick? I think he just wanted to specify that it has to be a human male's dick.

40:- wha?

Well I would hope it's was "mans" cock

I personally think he just wanted everyone in the office and whoever was viewing the presentation to see his dick, so he could smile that he gave everyone a cock shot. Doing it via this presentation though means he can still show his dick off and not get fired for these days.

So, it was a picture of himself?

38 It isn't that hard to fire people in many states that are commonwealth states.. Besides the boss probably has the employees passwords for security reasons and for if employees forget it.. That's if They don't really have an I.T. department..

X_Codes 11

@38 - You grossly overestimate the power of unions. How hard it is to fire someone depends directly on how good their contract is.

tjv3 10

Sue for sexual harassment. That is if you can prove it was him.

lsfactor 4

A dog's or an elephant's. I could keep going

myeviltwin 20

HR makes it hard to be fired???? A you kidding me, HR works for the company not for the workers. And there is no indication that this person was unionized. Take your anti-worker hate somewhere else. As most employees these days are "at will", they can be fired for any reason or no reason at all. The working people in this country have been getting the shaft (again) since reagan took office.

This whole sentence sounds like a play on words.

mpj13 8

I agree with your boss. Smart man he is. Smart man.

No, he really isn't

nnnope 26

Since when has setting yourself up for a hefty lawsuit been considered smart...?

chrissy2 28

not smart at all considering OP can sue the shit out of him for sexual harassment.

That comment alone shows me how stupid the 2 of you are. Get a backbone and tell the person you don't want them anymore instead of pulling some stupid prank!

Well that was a Dick move.

You're boss may just be Grade-A douche bag.

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How are people still making the same mistake with "your" and "you're?"

SpikyG 3

People like him deserve a GOOD beating.

I hope OP got the boss recorded saying that. Then due him for sexual harassment. This is one of those times I think suing is an okay response.

Yeah, but the EEOC (equal employment opportunity) is usually where someone has to go first and they aren't worth two pennies.

5, I'm not sure if a "good beating" do anything but encourage his behavior

On your way out, give your boss a parting shot in Hungarian: "Lofasz a segedben!"

SApprentice 34

Wow, your boss is pathetic. That's really immature on his part.

And sexual harassment!

I think you have a good reason to call Human Resources. I would've just quit. You wouldn't want to work for someone who clearly wants you fired.

Prove that it wasn't you, or prove that it was him, who put the picture there.

To HR and anyone else that he needs to in order to restore his dignity.

Better question is how are you going to prove something like this, it's one mans word over another.

Exactly. My first thought was "instead of posting to FML, get resources to sue his ass."

Don't lie you did it because you liked it

HeyArnold91 8

You didn't review the slides before presenting?

Exactly, YDI.