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  Diannaa  |  0

Heyyyy free gym membership =] I would be happy with that, those can get really expensive, and gyms are fun lol so I wouldn't think this is an actual FML

  gloogle  |  0

that card would be like getting a life and getting of the computer then your mom comes in and says she renewed your world of warcraft acount

  ImaginaryFoe  |  0

dgv, I'm mad at myself for laughing at that! LOL

You did get a free gym membership, OP. Rels can be annoying but assume she's doing it out of love and concern. Or if you are really pissed, just let the membership go to waste or use just the steam rooms or something.

By  keoct  |  4

Don’t take it to heart, I simply use these few words when ever my grandparents start complaining about something, “Don’t let them get to you, they’ll be dead soon anyways".

Problem solved.

  keoct  |  4

There is nothing saying that she is unhealthy. My grandparents are always telling my mom that she needs to lose weight but according to her doctor she is under her health weight and need to put some on. Old people are never happy so they try to make other people unhappy like them. I can personally never do right by my grandparents, It started with me not working enough then after my promotion it’s I’m working too much, now it’s the fact I’m 22 and still single because no girl wants be because I don’t make enough money (apparently $80,000-$90,000 a year isn’t enough)