By Anonymous - 14/03/2015 03:30

Today, while walking my dog, we came across two men having a heated argument in the street. My dog decided the perfect place to poop was right next to them. He wouldn't budge no matter what. Meanwhile, one of the men pulled a knife, and I practically shat myself. FML
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You guys can have something in common now.

Hope you had enough bags to clean the mess lol and thankfully you got away too :)


They say owners take on traits of their dogs .

Wizardo 33

Legend says Devil Dog still gets his sayings mixed up to this day, he was never the same. Not after the accident...

Never heard that before... Sorry #1

This comment is excellent. Why negative votes?

bleedingglitter 24

Well that was a .... Shitty situation.

You guys can have something in common now.

nonsensical 26

yeah, i laughed way too hard at this fml. i mean im sure the situation was really scary in the moment, but im just imagining that peaceful face dogs put when they poop, with their bodies all arched and their tale straight up--i can even imagine him kicking the grass afterwards, proudly leaving his scent on the ground. I hope the 2 men arguing got a good woof of that smell.

Hope you had enough bags to clean the mess lol and thankfully you got away too :)

So, their argueing was at the same pitch as the brown note?

27 steps below b flat?

I guess some of you have never seen South Park

Wait did he pull the knife on you for having your dog shit near him??

He pulled out a knife because of the argument.

groovycrazyjoe 18

no the dog said it was bullshitt what they was arguing about lol

Since when do dogs talk

jentrynicole 20

Pets. Causing awkward situations to become more awkward since the dawn of time.

Well you know what they say when you gotta go...

countryb_cth 38

You shit in the middle of an argument?

Dalboz 26

I would have left. The dog would eventually come back to you. and I doubt any man will stab a dog

You should watch Animal Cops.

PizzaElHutt 7

If that man happens to be a sketchy tweaker there is a much higher chance.

Hopefully your dog saved you? Or did you run away leaving your dog behind?

RedPillSucks 31

the dogs behind was taking a shit