By Bento - United States
Today, I had to write a huge lab for my physics class. It's worth my entire quarter grade and I use a program on a CD for graphing. My mom thought it was a computer game and hid the CD. She can't find it. The lab's due tomorrow. FML
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By  Bright_Lights  |  14

Or worse is when the parents tell you to get off the computer and ban/kick you off/unplug the computer because they think you're on games when actually you're on an educational website.

By  nyuukou  |  0

I have officially decided that everyone saying the OP deserves it for being a procrastinating moron/dipshit/insult of choice AFTER the OP posted saying he had everything done except the graphs is possibly too stupid to breathe. (That means anyone from comment #45 on.)

Seriously, don't people read the comments to see if there are explanations further than what can be fit in the rather limited space? I guess not, given all the idiots so quick to assume that because the project is due on an unknown 'tomorrow' (given that it may have been tomorrow from when this FML was written, not from when it was posted) that the OP is just a procrastinator and deserves it. After all, we all know that people who are about to fail something due the next day because someone took something important of theirs was just waiting until the last minute to do it. (That was sarcasm, just so you numbwits know.)

That said, OP, I hope you found a way to do your graphs. Not your fault your mom can't be assed to make sure the CD she stole was actually a game.

  killerrr  |  0

Could be there's a specific program he's required to use that's maybe too big for him to install on his computer, so he's running it from the disk. Or maybe he just doesn't want to waste HD space. Plenty of reasons. Quit calling fake for stupid reasons.

  Bento_fml  |  0

Sorry, just to clear things up: The program I use is "Logger Pro". I've been working on the lab for the past week and a half and finished everything but the graphs until now.

  Houlihan  |  0

I would suggest torrenting it, if you can't get the program again from a friend. That said, I couldn't access tpb to see if anyone's seeding it, so you may be out of luck there.

  White667  |  0

Wow man,
This is why I don't let people in my room, people shouldn't mess around with other peoples shit, parents or otherwise, it's just manners. Also, what sorta' person automatically assumed all CD's are games and just takes them away without even confronting the person. (And what sorta' parent doesn't let their kid play games, but DOES let them have the internet? That's just stupid odd. "Oh, video games are bad but porn is just fine.")

  Reyo  |  2

Can a parent please tell me what the fuck is up with their apparent fetish of hiding their kid's shit...and then forgetting where they put it. I swear this happens every other week with MY parents to. Is it to piss us off? What?

  andybme  |  0

Who would think to make a CD backup? CDs are already the backup, and why would he back that up? Who thinks after buying a program on a CD, "Oh, I should so totally make an .iso of this and burn a backup." Really now, think.

  null_fml  |  11

Okay, I just went for a Google, and apparently these are nipplenuts:

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And I'm really glad my school doesn't have keyloggers or network data logging on these systems. I hope...

  redbluegreen  |  40

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